Hospitality Risk Management Software

Gain insights into your risks and create a safe environment for guests and employees with Aclaimant's streamlined claim and safety management platform.


Speed Your Process and Gain Valuable Insights

  • Optimize your workforce efficiency and reduce the time and cost of claims
  • Streamline incident submission and FNOL reporting to reduce administrative burden
  • Improve communication between workers on-site and your central office using automated workflows
  • Return employees to work faster with more responsive access to care
  • Allow onsite teams access to real-time, mobile-optimized insights 



Reduce the Cost of Risk

  • Reduce cost of claims through better prevention and mitigation
  • Lower insurance premiums with more thorough record-keeping and faster claim resolution
  • Establish a better position to negotiate rates with carriers
  • Digitize opening checklists and safety procedures with automated corrective actions to reduce paperwork
  • Reduce time spent on OSHA reporting and ensure compliance
  • Promote a culture of safety and drive accountability




Ensure Smooth Operation

  • Highlight property damage, theft, or vandalism risks for preventive measures and security enhancements
  • Identify and address potential safety hazards, reducing guests' risk of accidents or incidents within your facilities
  • Prevent incidents that can harm the company's reputation and customer trust with more proactive risk management
  • Continuously improve your strategies to handle incidents based on analytics insights and industry trends
  • Showcase your company's value with exceptional risk management strategies

How It Works


Claims Analytics and Loss Run Dashboards

Using loss run feeds and customer dashboards to identify improvement areas.

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Mobile FNOL and Claims Advocacy

Submit incidents quickly, then alert relevant parties using a configured and automated claims management workflow.

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Return to Work Management and OSHA

Manage RTW timelines inside, track key return-to-work dates, and create and submit your OSHA logs with the click of a button.

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Safety and Loss Control

Monitor day-to-day activities at every job site and track safety program performance. Execute corrective actions to ensure safety.

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Insights - Predictive Models 

Predict claims severity by leveraging insights from our proprietary database.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“Aclaimant allows us to track accidents & incidents real-time on job sites, ensuring Superintendents gather all information needed to quickly & appropriately respond.”

Brandie Meisner
President and CFO, M&M Excavating

"Aclaimant allows us as a medium sized company to control and mitigate claims costs with the incident, OSHA and claims submission abilities along with its outstanding mobile application.”

Jerry Jones
Corporate Director of Safety Services, Concrete Supply Company


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Aclaimant works with hospitality companies like yours to digitize risk and safety strategies. Active Risk Management is a strategy of empowering your teams to more proactively manage risk by leveraging technology that is centralized, connected, scalable, and data-driven to deliver results.  Learn more about why risk management and enabling tech should be part  of your strategy in the blog linked below.

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Learn to transform Risk Waste into opportunity. Most companies don't understand what Risk Waste is or how to measure it. Risk Waste is all the direct and indirect costs associated with managing risk within your organization. In this e-book, we expand on three areas: financial, productivity, and morale waste, in which your construction company may be experiencing Risk Waste and how it's costing you.

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Hospitality Resources and Insights



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