Confidentiality and trust are two of the principal values that define an organization. We recognize that you expect us to protect the information you provide us and use it with the utmost respect for its intended use. We are vigilant in our effort to preserve your privacy, and, for that reason, we have developed and will adhere to the following policy regarding the integrity of your information on a personal or corporate level.

We collect nonpublic personal/corporate financial and benefit information about your employees and your organization.  We receive this data from some of the following sources:
1. Information from new account forms, fact-finding questionnaires, product applications and internal census data
2. Information due to transactions with our affiliates, those with whom we have vendor agreements, or other arrangements for the provision of services to you
3. Consumer reporting agencies
4. Company internal policy and procedure manuals

We do not share nonpublic information concerning our clients to third parties for marketing purposes. We do not share nonpublic information concerning our clients with third parties, except as required by law.
However, we disclose customer nonpublic information to affiliated third parties that provide services to us in order that we may more effectively and efficiently service your account. We also disclose your nonpublic information to affiliated third parties with whom we have contractual relationships that allow us to provide the products and services that you have requested from us. Examples of third parties with whom we may share your nonpublic information include:

a.              Insurance Companies
b.              Third Party Administrators
c.              Primary Service Providers


We may also use your data to show the relative performance of users to third parties. In this case, or in any sharing of user data, your performance data will be used in anonymized form as a comparison with said users, without requiring your permission for them to see. This process will not identify you in any way.

Similarly, we may use your data for other internal or administrative purposes consistent with our mission of providing our users with the highest quality services in a secure manner. In these instances, your data will again be used in anonymized form and will not identify you in any way.

In your user dashboard, you may opt out from sharing your data with other system users, however, doing so will prevent you from being able to see other user's anonymized data as well.


We have security practices and procedures in place to prevent unauthorized use or access to your nonpublic personal information. Internally, your information is only available to: a) all those employees requiring access to process or service your transactions with us; b) those fulfilling compliance, legal or audit functions on our behalf. Our computer systems utilize password protection to prevent unauthorized access, and we employ other physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to ensure the protection of your information in accordance with state and federal privacy regulations.
Aclaimant, Inc. agrees to hold in confidence all matters.
It is understood that the Disclosure will be held in confidence and will not be divulged to others without written consent of the Owner.  Similarly, no use of any information about or feature of the Disclosure will be made without written consent of the Owner.
It is further understood that Aclaimant, Inc. assumes no responsibility with respect to features of the Disclosure which:

1.     Becomes available from a source other than the Owner and/or the Owner’s employees; and
2.     As known to Aclaimant, Inc. prior to submission by the Owner.

By use of this product, users understand that this has been read and fully understood.