Staffing Risk Management Software

Empower your talent to drive productivity and reduce the cost of risk with the RMIS built to deliver insight and results: Aclaimant.


Drive Productivity with Incident First Workflow

  • Increase visibility into utilization to identify the job sites that impact insurability
  • Enhance productivity with an incident-first workflow and real-time access to insights
  • Reduce accidents, claim lag time, and case duration with a mobile-first platform
  • Centralize claims information and action items
  • Return your talent to work faster with streamlined claims management


Digital Platform for Mitigating Claims

  • Improve risk and safety efficiencies to control worker's compensation costs
  • Mitigate claims better with a streamlined digital platform
  • Reduce claims frequency and severity to lower costs
  • Lower insurance premiums through reduced MOD and claims experience
  • Establish a better position to negotiate rates with carriers


Enhanced Team Collaboration

  • Utilize a technology platform to promote a culture of safety and accountability
  • Boost morale; attract and retain talent
  • Focus on serving customers rather than react to accidents and replace headcount
  • Attract superior risk and safety talent with and automated, mobile-first platform
  • Improve connectivity and effectiveness of your risk and safety team

How It Works


Claims Analytics and Loss Run Dashboards

Using loss run feeds and customer dashboards to identify improvement areas.

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Mobile FNOL and Claims Advocacy

Submit incidents quickly, then alert relevant parties using a configured and automated claims management workflow.

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Return to Work Management and OSHA

Manage RTW timelines inside, track key return-to-work dates, and create and submit your OSHA logs with the click of a button.

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Safety and Loss Control

Monitor day-to-day activities at every job site and track safety program performance. Execute corrective actions to ensure safety.

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Insights - Predictive Models 

Predict claims severity by leveraging insights from our proprietary database.

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Trusted by Leading Staffing Firms

What Our Customers Are Saying


“The Aclaimant solution made it easy to create efficiencies by putting claims and safety under one umbrella. The digitization of all of the forms that we use and the ability to access and store them on the platform was extremely important to us.”

Jim Reid
Director of Risk Management, Trillium

"Aclaimant has greatly improved our reporting process. It has made the claims reporting process so much easier for our staff. A claim is filed on the Aclaimant Site and then reported to the appropriate carrier. It has cut down on errors in our filing process.”

Kerry Stanley
Safety Claims Manager, Luttrell Staffing Group

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Working with Trillium, a $300M commercial staffing company with 90+ branch offices and nearly 400 employees across the U.S., Aclaimant was able to completely digitize their claims, risk management, compliance, and field operations onto a single platform. Without restrictions on user access, they were able to onboard 150 users, and reduce the number of claims by 25%, creating a safer work environment.

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Learn to transform Risk Waste into opportunity. Most companies don't understand what Risk Waste is or how to measure it. Risk Waste is all the direct and indirect costs associated with managing risk within your organization. In this e-book, we expand on three areas: financial, productivity, and morale waste, in which your construction company may be experiencing Risk Waste and how it's costing you.

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