Carrier Claim Feeds and Analytics

Connect your people, processes, and data with Aclaimant's carrier data feeds and highly configurable dashboards & analytics

Start actively managing metrics

Data and insights only work if they are relevant to your company. Build configurable dashboards so you can track trends and improve your risk management program.

Ready to build a data based risk management process?

Actively manage your risk by connecting all your data points in one place. Our customers use Aclaimant analytics to make data-backed decisions.

Increase productivity, mitigate costs, and organize your team's talent by leveraging technology to elevate your risk management strategy.

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Visualize claim trends and adjust

Create a complete view of your claim data from OSLR to final payments, allowing your team to improve your risk management program to meet your goals.

When companies don’t have a complete view of their claim data it’s hard for risk teams to make changes in order to improve their risk management processes. Aclaimant allows your carriers and TPAs to push back data to your team, creating insight-driven dashboards that help your team make more informed decisions about your risk management.



Dashboards built with your metrics in mind

Dashboards and data are only as good as the data they provide. Aclaimant’s configurable dashboards surface relevant data and insights most important to you and your team.

Organizations need to find new ways to capture better data while also driving better and smarter decision making for their team from the data they collect.  Aclaimant’s powerful analytics and data experts enable your team to unlock insights from dashboards that allow your team to make data-backed decisions that move the needle on your business goals.

Get all of the right information, every time.

Companies using Aclaimant reduce their reliance on paper forms and excel sheets by 100%



Everything starts with how you capture the most critical information. Unlimited users, mobile accessibility, custom forms, task automation, AI widgets, and more to standardize and streamline data intake from everywhere in and outside your organization.

When your data capture is consistent everything runs smoother. With Aclaimant you finally get a single source of truth for everyone from the job site to the boardroom.

Experts at your side.

Configured Analytics and Workflow Development and Implementation that digitizes
your company's unique processes and analytics.


Digitizing your safety, risk management, and analytics processes and workflows begins with our team of experts.  We document the way you work today to create a tailored implementation plan that makes your migration off of those stacks of paper and spreadsheets painless.

Aclaimant is 100 percent configurable so you don't have to change anything about the way you operate. Our platform is simple and easy to use.  Our team make the transition smooth so you and your team don't skip a beat. 

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