Safety, Claims Management, and Analytics 

All in one connected Risk Management Information System

Delivering an integrated safety and risk management solution.


simplified incident

Simplified Incident Intake

Electronically submit accurate incidents and claims so your team can productively triage and escalate claims.

Compliant OSHA

Compliant OSHA Forms & Reporting

Automatically completed required OSHA forms and return-to-work schedules are easily tracked and managed.

Secure digitized incident and claims files

Secure Digitized Files

Data organized in a central system with the ability to rename, tag, search, and restrict access to different files.


Insight-driven Analytics

Automatically completed required OSHA forms and return-to-work schedules are easily tracked and managed.

Accessible safety reporting

Accessible Safety Reporting

Mobile-friendly access to capture data, (videos, images, and other documentation) to ensure safety procedures and protocols.


Experts at Your Side

Work with our specialists, so your processes don't have to change. 100% configurable workflows that change with your business. 

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Simplified Incident Intake

Organizations and their employees - whether onsite or remotely - can electronically submit accurate incidents and claims. By developing an automated, step-by-step solution that can guide users through the appropriate steps and triage procedures to create an incident or claim file, incidents and claims are routed to the appropriate escalation party or directly to carriers or TPAs for insurance claims covering workers’ compensation, general liability, property and casualty, and auto. The system includes oversight and built-in help notifications, including rules to ensure incidents and claims are handled and triaged correctly.

Incident Intake on Ipad and Mobile

Organized & Secure Digitized Files

All information on an incident, including digital files and email communications, are filed and organized in a central system, including attachments, documents, and PDFs, along with the ability to rename, tag, search, and restrict access to different files. All notes and information pertinent to a case or claim are also electronically stored, with all information available to email to anyone with access to the file to ensure understanding of the nature of communication regarding a file or incident.

OSHA Forms & Reporting

Required OSHA forms, including OSHA 300, 301a, and 301 can be automatically completed, and return-to-work schedules can be easily tracked and managed for automated date calculations. The system also allows sharp injury and privacy logs to be tracked, as well as generating unique electronic logs for each organization's location or site

Claims & Systems Analytics

By digitizing and organizing safety, incident, and claims usage and information, both internally and from carriers and TPAs, into clean, organized, and structured data, standard and custom dashboards can provide unique insights and can be shared with management to help dive into details about incidents and claims activity.

Safety Reporting

All users can have mobile and digital access to the system to capture information about a site, location, or incident, with all safety procedures and protocols digitized. The system captures videos, images, and other onsite documentation to ensure information is obtained in real-time, and the completion of assigned tasks and follow-up work is automatically managed. All of which can eliminate hazards and proactively identify improvement opportunities.  


Experts at your side.

Customized Workflow Development and Implementation that digitizes
your company's unique processes, exactly.


Digitizing your risk management process and workflow begins with our team of experts documenting the way you work today to create a custom implementation plan that makes ditching all those stacks of paper painless.

Aclaimant is 100 percent configurable so you don't have to change anything about the way you operate. Our platform is simple and easy to use, and our team make the transition a smooth one so you and the team don't skip a beat. 

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