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Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Software is an Essential Solution for cutting-edge Operations


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Features & Benefits

What is Integrated Risk Management or IRM?

The risk management needs of any business are constantly evolving. Improving decision making toward risk management requires integrated risk management solutions that help your team strategize, make accurate assessments, respond to risks and communicate effectively through technology. Integrated risk management (IRM) encompasses a robust set of practices that reach these goals and help your team manage risks across diverse areas within and outside of an organization. 

Aclaimant’s IRM platform works seamlessly with your current management operations to create a streamlined and easy-to-use system that puts your unique risk goals at the foundation of development and deployment.

Shifting to a Risk-Aware Strategy with Comprehensive IRM Software

At the core of Aclaimant’s integrated risk management software is the cultural shift toward a risk-aware workforce. This foundational tenet of IRM solutions presents risks as enterprise-wide issues that require comprehensive approaches to management. 

Our integrated risk management platform does exactly that. We provide the IRM tools your team needs to get ahead of risk issues and align enterprise risk management practices with internal audit, compliance and third-party risk mitigation. Connecting the dots in your risk management strategy not only improves efficiency across departments but can smooth out inefficiencies that cost your organization in hard-dollar figures.

A Holistic Approach to Risk Management

Aclaimant develops Integrated risk management applications that fit perfectly into your existing risk management strategy. A comprehensive approach means more than just a suite of IRM software, it includes a dedication to risk awareness that transcends a diverse workforce to create a single platform for risk management and assessment. 

The last thing you want is a system that bleeds capital without truly managing the costs of risk in your enterprise. Through comprehensive IRM technology, your team benefits and gains critical visibility into both risk exposure and relationship management.

An IRM Platform That Integrates and Provides Solutions

We build our suite of IRM tools from the ground up to match the needs of your organization. Whether it’s incident management, insurance renewal, risk engineering or cost allocation, our IRM software utilities maximize the value of strategic real-time data to simplify the evaluation, mitigation and monitoring of risks across your enterprise. 

The right approach to IRM supports your overall risk strategy, improving over time through powerful analytics and reporting functions. No matter your needs, Aclaimant’s approach to integrated risk management provides real-time solutions for the common problems facing your organization.


Delivering an integrated safety &
risk management solution


Insight-driver claims & systems analytics

Standard and custom dashboard provide unique insight to antu incidents and claim activity


Secure digitized incident & claim files

Data organised in Centre system with the ability to rename tag search and restrict access to different


Complain OSHA forms and reporting

Automatically completed required o s h a forms and Research towards schedules are easily tracked.


Best practices Covid19 tools

Document and respond to a covid-19 related work space incident and adhere to best practices to preventions


Accessible safety reporting

Mobile and digital access to capture data including videos images and other documentations with digitised safety procedure and protocol


Simplified Incident intake

Electronically submit accurate incident and claim for age and exclusion

Technology-Enabled Hazard Identification

Presented by Aclaimant, this webinar explores how workflow and process automation platforms can be used to reduce paper- and time-waste and enhance reaction speed, while empowering organizations to become best in class risks with improved hazard identification.



Construction worker using electric drill on building site

Best Practices in Near Miss and Good Catch Reporting in Construction

Many safety directors speak of their need for a better near-miss and/or good-catch program. The key differences between the two are that a near-miss describes an incident that didn’t result in an injury or damage, but could have, while a good catch describes a situation where an incident of any type was avoided.

Aclaimant Risk Management 08

Using Data Analytics in Risk Management

Most risk managers rose to their role through a technical emphasis rather than a technology emphasis.  Differently put, their passion is in addressing business issues such as claims, insurance coverages and risk financing, not in writing code or learning obscure programming languages.

business man Architect engineer manager at construction site project

Aclaimant Announces Collaboration with ClickSafety

Aclaimant has provided risk managers with creative new ways to realize workflow efficiencies, secure better claim outcomes, empower business operators to prevent accidents before they occur, and gain deep insights into the leading causes and consequences of loss within their organization. 

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