Safety and Loss Control

Connect your people, process, and data with Aclaimant's safety workflow platform, including audits, corrective actions, and dashboards

Start actively managing safety.

Safety begins from the bottom up. Track how your safety programs are performing, and execute corrective actions to keep your employees and your business safe.


Get immediate visibility into field inspections.

Review safety inspections as soon as your team  completes them so you can respond in real time to fails (or passes) in the field.

Stop relying on paper and pencil or siloed digital forms to get your inspection data, requiring you to aggregate and glean insights yourself. Rewire your approach to have every inspection or safety report at your fingertips.  Manage corrective actions in real time with automated follow-ups and action tracking.


Ready to digitize your safety processes?

Actively manage your risk by digitizing your safety processes. Our customers use Aclaimant for all kinds of safety activities including:

  • Site and Process Audits
  • Machinery, Vehicle & Location Inspections
  • Digital Observation Programs
  • JHAs and JSAs, and more!

Increase productivity, mitigate costs and organize your talent by leveraging technology to elevate your safety management strategy.

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Adjust to safety inspection results automatically.

Trigger follow-up notifications or tasks to safety inspections that don’t hit the mark. Remove the delay so your employees and partners can get feedback and adjust immediately.

One of the biggest enhancements you can make to your safety and risk management programs is increasing the speed of your response to the discovery of any unsafe work condition or practice. The sooner you provide feedback to your field or your teams, the better they adapt and respond to future situations.

The best way to improve your reaction time is to implement technology tools with automations built in. With Aclaimant you can provide real time feedback to your employees, no matter where they are with our automated corrective action assignment.


Pinpoint your safety program problems.

Keep tabs on locations, branches or sites utilizing safety reports, and drill down to the most commonly missed safety questions to hone your safety program.

Most companies struggle to drive meaningful changes with safety programs because they never are able to implement the appropriate feedback loops to know what is and is not working. Now, with Aclaimant you can see both where you have activity and adoption of new safety practices, identify passes and fails in real time, and monitor your safety approach like never before.



Safety where & when it happens.

Aclaimant isn’t just mobile responsive, it enhances connectivity from in the field to the safety and risk management offices. By streamlining safety processes and corrective actions with automation you can provide your employees with real-time steps to improve your safety results.


Get all of the right information, every time.

Companies using Aclaimant reduce paper forms and excel sheets used to manage safety process by 100%



Everything starts with how you capture the most critical information. Unlimited users, mobile accessibility, custom forms, task automation, AI widgets, and more to standardize and streamline data intake from everywhere in and outside your organization.

When your data capture is consistent everything runs smoother. With Aclaimant you finally get a single source of truth for everyone from the job site to the boardroom.

Experts at your side.

Customized Workflow Development and Implementation that digitizes
your company's unique processes.


Digitizing your safety process and workflow begins with our team of experts documenting the way you work today to create a tailored implementation plan that makes ditching all those stacks of paper painless.

Aclaimant is 100 percent configurable so you don't have to change anything about the way you operate. Our platform is simple and easy to use, and our team make the transition a smooth one so you and your team don't skip a beat. 

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