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Aclaimant is the perfect solution for every business looking to reduce the cost of risk in their business.

Would you like to reduce your cost of risk while providing a safer environment? Aclaimant gives companies new ways to reduce the cost of risk and keep people safe. We bring loss prevention, incident management, and analytics into one connected platform that removes complexity, saves time, and produces better outcomes. We uncover problems that companies may not know they have, and fundamentally change the way organizations actively manage risk.


The Aclaimant Story

Aclaimant was born out of the belief that businesses need a better way to manage risk.

Aclaimant was created not by technology people but by risk management practitioners who were frustrated by current practices and needed a better way to manage their business. Aclaimant had its origins in workers’ compensation claim management for a captive reinsurance company. When his claims vendor proclaimed, “...that is just the way we do it.” cofounder Michael Schultz made the decision to create a better solution.

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The Aclaimant Story

Meet the Team

Michael Schultz


David Wald

Cofounder & CEO

Joel Friedman

Cofounder & CTO

Alex Chilow

Director of Growth

Andrew Thiermann

Director of Customer Success

Bill Skowronnek

Senior Director of Marketing

Brian Drum

Director of Product

Gary Pearce

Chief Risk Architect

Jon Schultz

Chief of Staff

Mark Nicolosi

Director of Development

Susan Park

Director of Data Services

Ben Jacks

Customer Success Manager

Cathlene Silha

Implementation Manager

Charles Mueller

Data Analyst

Connie LeBeau

Sales Account Executive

Dan Sutton

Software Developer

Dane Filipczak

Software Engineer

Joey Kirk

Product Designer

Kathryn Seidewitz

Operations Associate

Luke Horton

Software Engineer

Marni Siegel

Implementation Manager

Madeline Bodell

Operations Associate

Nadya Naumaan

Operations Associate

Neil Montague

Implementation Manager

Sean Vincent

Software Engineer

Valencia McMurray

Lead QA Engineer

Yelena Kokhanchuk

Customer Success Manager

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