Incident and Claims Management Workflows

Connect your people, process, and data with Aclaimant's incident and claims management workflow solution.

Start actively managing risk.

Aclaimant isn’t just mobile responsive, we designed it to empower your team in the field to boost connectivity and accurately document incidents in real time.


Instantly kick-off incident management.

The Aclaimant platform is specifically designed for your team in the field to fully document incidents at the point of contact. As easy to use as anyone’s favorite apps, your team is guided through a simple swipe, type, and tap experience to get all the critical information of any kind of incident documented and submitted to the risk management team immediately.

Once an incident is submitted, your configured, automated claims management workflow springs into action. Relevant parties are alerted and the process is underway in minutes.

Our mobile experience with easy incident submission keeps your field team free from the distraction and inconsistency spreadsheets, paper, and other desktop-only systems create. Stop spending your day tracking down claims, FNOLs, and statements and enable your employees to be more productive.



Incidents where & when they happen.

Aclaimant isn’t just mobile responsive, it enhances connectivity from in the field to the risk management office. By streamlining workflows with automation you can provide your employees with real-time data analytics and insights.



A connected source of truth. For everyone.

Submit your claims and incidents to third parties like insurance carriers and TPAs without ever touching a piece of paper, making a call or sending an email.

Now you and your team are able to submit complete claims or incidents to both internal and external parties with ease. Timestamps, documentation, conversations, emails – each touchpoint in your custom process, and more is recorded and from intake to payout and beyond. Whether you're submitting to your insurance carrier, a third party, a governmental entity, or reviewing with your team, every piece of information you need is there to create an effortless, complete, and transparent digital paper trail everyone can trust.


Turn data into action.

Real time, aggregated data and dashboards to understand the “why” behind the “what” of all your incidents and claims.

You can only master what you measure and Aclaimant’s analytics engine and configurable dashboards let you decide what metrics are important to keep tabs on.

With your incident and claims workflow standardized you will be able to quickly and effortlessly identify trends across your organization to help guide decision making and process optimization to improve culture, reduce risk, save money, and shorten claim duration.

Once you realize the money you're leaving on the table by ignoring these intuitive insights you'll never go back.


Ready to digitize your incident and claims processes?

Actively manage your risk by digitizing your systems. Increase productivity, mitigate costs, and organize your talent by leveraging technology to elevate your risk management strategy.

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Get all of the right information, every time.

Companies using Aclaimant reduce claim lag time by 50%



Everything starts with how you capture the most critical information. Unlimited users, mobile accessibility, custom forms, task automation, AI widgets, and more to standardize and streamline intake.

When your intake is consistent everything runs smoother. With Aclaimant you finally get a single source of truth for everyone from the job site to the boardroom.

Experts at your side.

Customized Workflow Development and Implementation that digitizes
your company's unique processes, exactly.


Digitizing your risk management process and workflow begins with our team of experts documenting the way you work today to create a custom implementation plan that makes ditching all those stacks of paper painless.

Aclaimant is 100 percent configurable so you don't have to change anything about the way you operate. Our platform is simple and easy to use, and our team make the transition a smooth one so you and the team don't skip a beat. 

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