Risk Management Information System (RMIS)

Organize your people, processes and data with a Risk Management Information System (RMIS)

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Features & Benefits

Understanding Risk Management Information System (RMIS)

At its core, a risk management information system (RMIS) gets the right information to the right people at the right time. For most organizations, risk management strategies include establishing objectives and making sure controls are in place, requiring action with enterprise-wide integrity. Implementing an advanced RMIS platform can propel your enterprise strategy forward at any stage of organizational growth.

Make Informed Decisions with a Robust RMIS Platform

Aclaimant’s RMIS platform connects the dots in your approach to incident, claims and safety management to give your team a comprehensive picture of your enterprise. We put everything you need right at your fingertips, providing fully integrated approaches to risk management that span multiple disciplines — linking streamlined incident response, centralized claims management and simplified safety inspections together in one easy-to-use platform. Beyond just risk management tools, our comprehensive tools help break down siloed workforces, automate manual processes and reimagine enterprise-wide communication.

Risk Management Information System (RMIS) Tools That Connect People, Systems and Data

Taking a comprehensive approach to risk management is more than just about software solutions. It's about connecting your team to the information they need for effective daily operations. Here, consistency and accuracy are key. The Aclaimant RMIS allows your workforce to rapidly connect into the collective intelligence of your workforce and make the kind of decisions that reduce risk and move your organization toward overall success.

A Single-View of Risk with RMIS Technology

Quality risk management solutions require no small amount of flexibility and real-world development to meet your organization’s specific needs for incident, claims or safety management, meaning streamlined access to complete and consistent data is at the heart of Aclaimant’s RMIS platform. 

Whether you’re a risk manager, claims analyst, safety leader or financial officer,, having access to robust digital workflow capabilities bridges communication gaps to improve information quality, simplifying data-gathering and reducing costs. This single view of risk helps your team tackle today’s challenging business climate.

Risk Management from All Angles

Developing an efficient approach to incident, claims and safety management puts your team ahead of the pack when it comes to handling risk across your organization. Central to this goal is Aclaimant’s data-driven platform that’s fully scalable to your organization’s unique needs. Identifying risks across diverse and often siloed departments is just one part of the equation. Aclaimant helps your team achieve greater organizational consistency and the ability to repeat processes without inaccuracies and errors.

Delivering an integrated safety &
risk management solution


Insight-driven claims analytics

Configurable dashboards based on industry best-practices that provide unique and up-to-date insight to into everything from loss runs to common incident types to overall claim activity


Secure, digitized incident & claim files

Data is organized in a centralized system system, with the ability to rename, tag, search and restrict access to any files, documents, and images associated with your incidents and claims.


Comprehensive OSHA reporting

Automatically completed required OSHA documentation and track recordable events, keeping your team in compliance and avoiding fines from inaccurate or missing data. 


Streamlined claim submission

Gather all incident data and documentation in one centralized file, and submit it all to your insurance carrier or third-party administrator with the click of a button.


Field-ready incident and safety reporting

Capture data onsite, including videos, images, and other documentation, with a mobile-optimized reporting workflow.


Simplified forms and workflows

Ensure data accuracy and ease-of-use with digitized forms that feed directly into a centralized system, automatically building follow-up tasks

Technology-Enabled Hazard Identification

Presented by Aclaimant, this webinar explores how workflow and process automation platforms can be used to reduce paper- and time-waste and enhance reaction speed, while empowering organizations to become best-in-class risks with improved hazard identification.

Risk Management Information System RMIS on iPad


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