Logo white on greenAclaimant was born out of the belief that businesses need a better way to manage risk.

As owner of a workers’ compensation captive insurance company, co-founder Michael Schultz was frustrated by rampant delays, inefficiencies, and poor outcomes in claim administration. In 2013, when a claim vendor told him, “…that’s just the way we do it,” Michael decided it was time for a different and better approach. After a series of collaborations with trusted advisors and colleagues, plenty of ideas emerged, but there wasn’t any concrete way to turn these concepts into reality.

Enter David Wald, Michael’s future son-in-law and a successful entrepreneur with solid credentials in the fast-paced worlds of startups and venture capital. David immediately reached out to his long-time friend, Joel Friedman, who possessed the technology expertise and vision to turn big ideas into tangible products. With the backing of a small group of supporters, the trio went into business as Aclaimant.

Things started very slowly, with more than a year passing before signing their first revenue-generating customer. But they persisted, and over time, working closely with their growing customer-base, they transformed their vision into a complete workflow solution for risk management and safety that helps businesses and industries of all types and sizes.

Today, Michael, David, and Joel remain at the helm of Aclaimant with a strong management team and all their initial stakeholders. The company has grown and includes a talented group of experts in risk management, application development, customer success, user experience, and data analytics. All working together, Aclaimant has evolved into an insight-driven workflow solution for safety and risk management that is configurable to all categories of incidents and industries, and has attracted customers reaching all the way to the Fortune 500.

Aclaimant has earned the admiration and recognition of experts in technology and risk management, and continues its focus on its core competency of delivering a proven and effective way to manage critical risk issues. Aclaimant’s true value remains its relentless dedication to developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers while providing practical answers to complex business challenges.