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Helping businesses unlock the potential of their safety and risk management organizations, and control their cost of risk.

Simplified incident intake
Electronically submit accurate incidents and claims for triage and escalation.
Secure digitized incident
and claims files
Data organized in a central system with the ability to rename, tag, search, and restrict access to different files.
Compliant OSHA forms
and reporting
Automatically completed required OSHA forms and return-to-work schedules are easily tracked and managed.
Insight-driven claims
and systems analytics
Standard and custom dashboards provide unique insights into incidents and claims activity.
Accessible safety reporting
Mobile and digital access to capture data, including videos, images, and other documentation, with digitized safety procedures and protocols.
Best practices COVID-19 tool
Document and respond to a COVID‑19 related workplace incident and adhere to best practices for prevention.

Helping the staffing industry manage their risk throughout their distributed business.

Staffing firms have limited control of customer sites, and can only successfully mitigate risk by underwriting those sites. Aclaimant delivers a complete workflow solution that includes site inspections, safety monitoring, incident management and triage, and claims submission. All supported by robust analytics covering branch and customer claims, safety, and activity.




Enabling construction companies by streamlining workplace safety, incident management, and claims management.

Construction firms are, historically, “low-digitized,” which leads to low productivity rates when managing all safety activities at the job sites. Aclaimant creates digital and connected safety processes for foremen, onsite managers, and supervisors, and standardizes electronic incident reporting across the organization. Reporting procedures are simplified and organized, and provide a 360-degree view of where issues occur, including understanding problematic job sites and locations.


Empowering real estate companies to effectively understand and react to what’s happening across multiple properties.

Multi-site real estate companies suffer from limited control over their locations that vary in size, risk, population, and exposure, making it difficult to set standard safety initiatives across properties. Aclaimant provides workflow consistency, and property inspections and evaluations which can measure and score reports across properties to highlight red flags and risk patterns, as well as best practices.


Roles and Responsibilities

Risk Managers

Providing increased oversight that reduces the net cost of risk by putting a more efficient and effective reporting process in place.

Safety Managers

Automating and streamlining administrative and statutory compliance requirements and tasks for incident and claims intake and reporting.

Claims Managers

Offering a step-by-step digital solution that can guide employees through the appropriate steps and triage procedures when a claim occurs.

Chief Financial Officers

Delivering enhanced accountability and institutionalized best practices across the organization, given leaders the visibility they need.

Insurance Agents

Providing brokers and agents, big and small, an extra layer of value-added service for their clients.

“Moving to Aclaimant has allowed for increased productivity, streamlined workflows, and enhanced synergy within the company.”

Holly Wozniak, Assistant Risk Manager, GATE Petroleum

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