By Aclaimant

Feb 21, 2024

The Aclaimant team is excited to announce the release of our latest case study detailing our work with the Luttrell Staffing Group.

The challenge

Founded in 1993, the Luttrell Staffing Group grew to over $145 million in revenue by providing staffing services for job functions in light industrial, warehousing, construction, and many other industries.

In 2019, Luttrell struggled to implement consistent safety and incident response programs across its organization. This was due to how many of its processes were still based on manual systems. Whenever the central office enacted new guidelines and procedures, Luttrell's branches often adapted these operations to their unique needs. This resulted in a fragmented and error-prone environment, causing consistent claim processing delays and forcing Luttrell's risk and safety teams to spend weeks chasing files and correcting mistakes.

The solution

Luttrell sought a centralized solution to unify their risk management processes across the organization. They needed something that would enable widespread adoption of their new guidelines whenever they rolled out.

By leveraging Aclaimant's technology, Luttrell reduced the administrative legwork their risk and safety team members had to undertake to respond to incidents and oversee claims, allowing the company to make significant strides in several key areas.

Want to learn more?

Get more data and details by downloading the case study.