Luttrell Staffing Group Case Study cover.pdfThe Luttrell Staffing Group was founded in 1993 and has grown to $145m in revenue by providing solutions for various professional areas, including light industrial, warehousing, construction, and many other disciplines.

By 2019, as Luttrell grew, they realized they had a fragmented risk management process. While the safety and risk teams in the central HQ did their best to unify their process for responding to incidents and controlling loss, their branches often found themselves adapting any new operational guidelines to fit their specific needs. 

This made coordination across the company difficult and left much room for error. Gathering data on incidents and submitting claims often ran into issues, as Luttrell's various branches did not have consistent data standards, and the central team had to spend significant administrative resources verifying, correcting, and gathering data.

Luttrell found itself looking for a solution to aid their attempts to standardize incident and claim management across the company and drive improvements in key metrics such as task completion rate, reporting lag time, and loss ratios.

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