By Bill Skowronnek

Oct 01, 2020

suuvv3qczzv4sijfrkv9Aclaimant CEO and cofounder David Wald was one of eight technology executives interviewed in the Builtin feature, So You Just Closed Your First Round of Funding, Who Do You Hire First? With funding ranging from $8 million to $85 million, each of these CEOs discussed the first hire(s) made after receiving their most recent round of funding. With different priorities and at different stages of growth, each CEO focused on key talent to help with their companies' immediate needs and plans.

David discusses how Aclaimant first targeted positions designed to enhance the user experience, including UI/UX designers and customer success managers after receiving its Series A funding earlier this year. As David explained, with tremendous growth going into the end of 2019, the challenge was to ensure that Aclaimant could maintain the quality of service and products that its customers have come to expect. He also provided some advice to other CEOs who raised their first big round of funding: " not try to spend it all at once. There’s a big difference between trying to spend money and strategically making aggressive investments in your business."

Aclaimant continues to hire for a multitude of positions, and all job openings can be found on its Careers page.