Oil & Gas Competency Assessment

Elevate your workforce and boost their skills with the oil and gas industry's first comprehensive skill assessment platform.

A Comprehensive Way To Evaluate Field Workforce's Skill and Ability

Measure your workforce's effectiveness and proficiency across key competency areas including technical skills, safety knowledge, and leadership with the first digital competency assessment combined with onsite expert validation services.


Streamlined Expert Validation.

The Aclaimant Oil and Gas Competency Assessment platform is meticulously crafted by industry experts, ensuring a seamless fit into your operations, by adapting a workflow that fits with your needs.

We engineered the platform to boost productivity from the field by allowing your team to identify and understand opportunities to enhance your workforce's technical and leadership skills.

Building from a safety-first approach, the platform's and our field based validation service ensuring compliance and prioritize a culture of safety in your workplace.

Oil and Gas Competency Assessment Mobile


Measure impact and drive continuous improvement.

Stay ahead of the curve with regular updates reflecting industry standards and changes, positioning your organization's workforce to keep up with an ever-shifting environment.

As your workforce demonstrates its capabilities, it presents opportunities for future growth. With cutting-edge tools built to provide risk management transparency at your fingertips, Aclaimant offers crucial insights for informed decision-making. 

Reduce errors and skill gaps through identification and employee training to up skill your workforce and ensure your teams close skill gaps efficiently and definitively.

Oil and Gas Competency Assessment Platform - Laptop
Oil and Gas Competency Assessment Analytics Laptop


Created for decision-makers.

Whether you are a VP, Manager, or Supervisor of Operations, serve as a CFO, or a leader responsible for Risk Management or Health and Safety, the Aclaimant Competency Assessment platform is designed with you in mind.


The platform enhances active decision-making by providing live analytic tools that provide insights into skill levels throughout your field force with a birds-eye view.

When you can ensure that your employees are well-trained and performing at an optimal level, you improve your bottom line by ensuring a competent and productive workforce through transparent, real-time dashboards.


Why are Competency Assessments Needed?

Energy companies are experiencing a record high volume of accidents and near misses.  Today, the current industry worker assessment process is manual, inconsistent and not validated.
As a result, most organizations understanding of their worker's skillset is limited and opaque, without the needed ability to  transparently and objectively assess the quality & skill level of their workforce. 

Aclaimant's proprietary and industry leading offering combines best in class technology with an independent expert field based validation service.  This combination creates unparalleled insight into skill gaps and development opportunities for Energy organizations, while also ensuring compliance with ever changing regulatory landscape.

Oil and Gas Technology Solution in Field


How it Works?


Digital Workforce Self Assessments

Empower your workforce to complete a digitized self assessment of your workforce, evaluating over 30 standard competencies, including expertise like (Snubbing, Coiled Tubing, and more) and 20 leadership competencies


Assessment Review

Our expert validation service (or your internal team) can review workforce self assessment questionnaires against desired competency levels, identifying knowledge gaps and training opportunities.


Expert Field Validation

Our field validation service will visit your sites to complete a digital evaluation of the various expertises and competencies identified in the assessment.  Findings and observations are also added back into the digital assessment file to create a complete picture of a worker's skill set, including the ability to track follow-ups and subsequent assessments.


Real Time Analytics and Progress Visualization

Track status and results in real time with visualized analytics.  Explore competency gaps and trends across locations and sites and track team progress towards completion.  


Digital Completion and Certificate

Once completed, the platform generates a digital completion certificate for each validated assessee.  These can be kept in the platform as they are updated annually for record keeping and for future compliance visits or audits.


Interested in Learning More?

Book time with our team to better understand if the Aclaimant Competency assessment program is a fit for your organization.

Our team will understand your needs and be able to tailor a demonstration to better showcase the areas that are most important to your organization.

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