By Gregg Walrod - Engineering Manager

Oct 05, 2022

In today’s digital era, we are all continuing to try and find creative ways to engage our teams, while teams continue to be more and more distributed. At Aclaimant we formed a Talent Engagement Team that meets monthly to gather ideas from our teams, and one another to brainstorm  best practices and events. As summer approached, this team was challenged with the task to do something fun and different that encouraged collaboration and gave the option to anyone to participate no matter where they were located. Thus the start of Finders Claimers was born.

Finders Claimers is at its core a Summer Scavenger Hunt where we encourage the players and teammates to enjoy their summer by getting out and finding items on the list we provide. Every item on the list was assigned a point value. The items ranged anywhere from specific types of dogs to items in museums, with a special category called Besties where teams had to find the highest floor on an elevator button or something else just as challenging. Every photo submitted had to contain their limited edition Finders Claimers Coin to validate the photo was authentic. We take our competitions seriously, no fakes allowed here! To make it easy, all people had to do was say they wanted to play, we randomly generated teams for them, and sent them all their limited edition coin.



To keep this engaging for all we formed used a random generator to form teams of 6 people each. This helped us build teams across all departments.The winning team would get a limited edition Finders Claimers blanket and get to donate $500 to a charity of their choosing. We also had individual awards to give everyone an opportunity to win. For those interested, we will share more of the detailed rules at the end of this post.

Going into events like this you never know what kind of participation you are going to get, especially this being our first year. Every week the Talent Engagement Team would meet to judge and score the photos, we were blown away at the participation and the competitiveness of our teams! It was honestly inspiring to all of us as to see how creative each team got, and how some even participated with their families at home.

Finders Claimers came to an end last week and we can say hands down we will be doing this again! We already have Aclaimers coming to us with item ideas for next year! 

In the end, we had 30 people participate (about half of our company), across 8 states, and had a total of 564 photos submitted!

The Talent Engagement team would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all those Aclaimers that participated, our Leadership team for giving us the space to create these types of events, and old colleagues at Nerdery for sharing their idea!  To learn more about working at Aclaimant click the button below:



Winning Team:

On behalf of Gotta (A)claim 'em all! Aclaimant will be donating $500 to the Greater Chicago Food Depository!

Gotta (A)claim 'em all! - 383

Aclaimer Things - 374

WeClaim the Trophy - 250

DJ PETS - 198

Aclaim of Thrones - 156


Superlative Awards:


Most Pictures Submitted by an Individual

Taylorr Stearn 

Junior Data Analyst

Contributed 106 photos!



Most Creative Picture

Cat Silha

Implementation Lead

Ducks that had a tough day 




Funniest Picture

Mike Schulz


Feather in his cap in a retro Aclaimant t-shirt!




Coolest Location (At least 5 miles from your home) 

Margarita Pinon

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Beautiful desert landscape featuring a Saguaro cactus





Best/Cutest Smile

Joel Friedman

Co-Founder & CTO

Adorable kids with a Lite Brite 




Final Besties:

Drinking from the most connected straws 

Aclaimer Things with 16

Submitted by Emily Canon (Director of Marketing)



Highest floor number on an elevator button


Aclaimer Things with 103

Submitted by Gregg Walrod (Engineering Manager)

Most acts/bands on a concert poster
Aclaimer Things with 114
Submitted by Gregg Walrod (Engineering Manager)

Most hats worn on head at once
Aclaimer Things with 23
Submitted by Gregg Walrod (Engineering Manager)
Most ingredients in a bar’s description of a cocktail 
DJ PETS with 9
Submitted by Taylorr Stearn (Junior Data Analyst)

Most letters or numbers on one elevator button
Gotta (A)claim 'em all! with 15 
Submitted by Yelena Binkle (Customer Success Manager)
Most words in the opening sentence of a published book
Gotta (A)claim 'em all! with 22,000
Submitted by Andrew Linder (DevOps/Sysadmin)

Oldest movie on a theater marquee (IMDB release date)
Gotta (A)claim 'em all! With Jaws 1975
Submitted by Andrew Linder (DevOps/Sysadmin)
Oldest specific year (BC or BCE) on a museum sign
Gotta (A)claim 'em all! with 9000 BC
Submitted by Phillip Ching (Implementation Manager)



Here's a recap video of all our submissions:


Finders Claimers Rules:


  • Finders Claimers is a Summer Scavenger Hunt where teams will collect pictures to gain points
  • Every Aclaimer was be distributed a special edition Finders Claimers Coin
  • Teams were formed at random and distributed by the Talent Engagement Team
  • Teams will played for a special prize along with being able to donate $500 to a charity of their choice
  • Charity waspicked upfront
  • Scores will locked every Friday at noon CST and will be announced weekly in general slack channel by EOD
  • General questions could be asked in the slack channel or to any member of the Talent Engagement Team
  • Besties could only be held by one team and could change every week
  • Teams submit all photos to their dedicated notion page

Additional Instructions to Teams:

  • Once your team is formed we suggest meeting or slacking to pick a Team Captain, Team name and charity you will be playing on behalf of
  • Team Captain to submit charity to Talent Engagement Team for approval (Verify 501c3 status)
  • Build a strategy on how you will be collecting pictures (Potentially a slack channel or a private list on who is targeting what pictures)
  • Pictures must contain your Finders Claimers coin
  • Submit your pictures under your team link below by noon CST every Friday