By David Wald

Oct 27, 2020

At Aclaimant, we're excited to announce the expansion of our COVID-19 Return To Work offering. We have been hard at work building, researching, and learning about other ways we can help businesses manage their way through the COVID-19 pandemic. In our efforts, we have undertaken new research efforts and built new tools as businesses will face increasingly challenging regulatory environments and complex workplace challenges through the "COVID-19 winter."

The first major project that we took on was comprehensive research to understand current regulations, executive orders, and mandates across 21 states and Washington, DC. Our research efforts, led by our Chief Risk Architect, Gary Pearce, uncovered and identified various trends and consistencies across regions, as well as identifying the various levels of requirement and consequence that each state has enacted. Keep you eyes out for a downloadable summary of our research in the coming weeks that lays out each of 22 different categorizations of rules, by state, in an easy-to-understand format. Some of the categories of rules and requirements we identified include:

  • Defined hazard levels
  • Required PPE, daily temperature screenings, and self reporting mechanism
  • Mandatory exposure reporting and contact tracing requirements
  • Requirements on facility assessments, training, face coverings, vehicle and travel procedures, and access controls 

You can download this COVID-19 states research report here.

In order to empower more businesses to take proactive control of their approach to managing COVID-19 reopening and regulations, we have expanded our COVID-19 offering to include the 11 modules listed below, each designed to tackle a different component of safety and prevention, compliance, and management in these unprecedented times. Our offerings are now segmented across planning, prevention, mitigation, defense, and monitoring. We want to help employers tackle the whole picture, instead of just pieces.

COVID_Checklist_1440x757._100820Finally, we have added in a templated form to help employers deal with the new reporting requirement for California's SB 1159.  This legislation adds new requirements for each employer to report positive test results of employees to their work comp administrator, and levies up to a $10,000 penalty for those who do not comply.  You can find more information about the latest with SB 1159 at

We strive to continue to make it easier for every business to identify new ways to protect their businesses in increasingly complex regulatory environments. Reach out to our sales team today at or by requesting a demo on our website to learn more about how Aclaimant's COVID-19 Return To Work solutions can help your business.