By Yelena Binkle

Sep 13, 2022

Role: Customer Success Manager

What’s your role at Aclaimant?

I come in post-implementation and continue Aclaimant’s relationship with the customer. To do this, I work with a lot of departments at Aclaimant such as data services, sales, and the engineering team. I mainly provide training, consult on new forms/setups, do quarterly/yearly reviews, and hold regular calls with customers.


What do you do beyond work?

My favorite thing to do is eat 😀 So I spend a lot of time looking into new places that are opening in Chicago (never a shortage of those). I love to travel and explore new places, as well. Having family in all parts of the world helps with that! I’ve recently gotten back into being creative by doing some painting and photography.


What’s it like to work on your team?

My team is very collaborative and helpful. I don’t think anyone ever feels like they’re alone or don’t have help and we make it a priority to make sure that everyone on the team feels that way. There’s no animosity between us and everyone wants to see each other succeed, which I would say is pretty rare and is a very nice thing to have at work. 


What about your work inspires you?

It is nice to truly feel like I am making a difference because this is a small startup and what everyone does matters here. I have worked at other companies, where you don’t really feel that way. The leadership teams at these big companies don’t know who you are and don’t know what you do. That could not be further from the truth at Aclaimant and it feels good. It inspires me to work harder.


Do you have any favorite company traditions or things you enjoy about the culture?

A lot of us are close in age and enjoy similar activities, which makes for a great culture. The tradition I look forward to every year is the holiday party. It’s fun to see everyone outside of their work selves and let loose a bit, even though we haven’t been able to do live celebrations the past couple of years.


How is Aclaimant’s culture different from previous companies you’ve worked for?

At Aclaimant you aren’t micromanaged and you are treated as an adult, which was not always the case at previous companies. We have a culture of trust, communication, and bonding that I enjoy being a part of.


How do you encourage and support remote culture?

We do a lot of Zoom calls with each other and my department also does happy hours over Zoom, which is fun. Aclaimers that are local do sometimes meet in the office just to get that bonding time, as well.


How do you work with others within Aclaimant when a customer has a problem?

If a customer contacts us with a problem that requires other departments to get involved, I try to gather as much information about the issue as possible before I reach out to someone for help. That way, whoever is looking into it can try to recreate the problem and it cuts down on the back and forth.


What is the most underrated Aclaimant feature?

I would say that the one I think customers don’t use as often as they should is the Events feature. It does a really good job of building a timeline of any medical, legal or return to work events associated with the incident.


What advice would you give someone who is looking to move into a customer success role?

I would say in CS it is important to be as proactive as you can be, which is often difficult given the reactive nature of support. You have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes a lot of the time to really understand their issues. Being a quick learner is also an essential skill in a CS role, not only because you have to learn the product, but also because you have to work with other departments a lot of the time and being able to understand a bit of what they do can be a real help.


Any parting words for an inspiring Aclaimer?

I know a lot of companies are looking for this, but at Aclaimant being a team player is truly key. We rely on each other for information and bounce ideas and questions off of each other every day and multiple times a day. We want to build a culture of inclusion and no one is afraid to ask something they aren’t sure about. This combined with a solid work ethic and ability to manage your time well will serve you well at Aclaimant.