By Stefanie Statler

May 10, 2022

What’s your role at Aclaimant?

As an implementation manager, I work with organizations following their Aclaimant purchase in order to help translate their incident & safety processes and tailor it to the Aclaimant solution.

What do you do beyond work?

I love going for walks around my neighborhood on a beautiful day. If I’m not spending the weekend with family, my husband and I will drive to Starved Rock State Park for a day of hiking and dinner overlooking the Illinois River. 

What’s it like to work on your team?

I’m sure I’m biased, but I think the implementation team is the best!!!! We’re a very collaborative team and I know I can turn to them to help brainstorm solutions or ideas for our customers. We all seem to have some similar personality traits, like our drive for keeping things organized and consistent, and always keeping the customer top of mind, so this helps us relate to each other and get along really well. 

What about your work inspires you?

I love that I get to work directly with our customers. They’ve taught me so much about the safety industry and I get to see first hand the impact that our product has on their teams. Since I work with customers from the close of the sale through Go-Live, we get the opportunity to really dive into their current pain points, build a solution with Aclaimant, and create a trusting partnership. 

Do you have any favorite company traditions or things you enjoy about the culture?

When I started we did a “Meet and Greet” with every team.  I loved this opportunity to meet EVERY person in the company!  This was huge for me, coming from a company with over 2500 employees.  As we welcome new employees, I love that we’ve continued this tradition. Every time an invite is sent out for a Meet and Greet, it’s a reminder of how much the company is growing and the value we put on our culture. 

The All-Hands Meetings allow all employees to see what’s happening on other teams and how we’re individually contributing to the company's success. It’s very encouraging to work hard when we can see the bigger vision of the company. The leadership team is clear about why changes are being made and how it helps us get closer to the overall company vision. 

How is Aclaimant’s culture different from that of previous companies you’ve worked for?

Because we’re still a start-up we really get the chance to work directly with team members in other areas of the company. Every Aclaimer I’ve interacted with is eager to help and collaborate. They’re willing to take on new challenges even if it isn’t part of their typical responsibilities.  We all know that we’ve got to work together to get things done. You can tell the culture is reflected in the whole company because, even the leadership team is open to collaboration and available to help you work through problems.  

How do you encourage and support remote culture?

I started at Aclaimant in September 2020, so being remote is the only version of Aclaimant I know! The company as a whole really works to remain collaborative even while working remotely.  We use different tools, like Slack and Zoom, to have a space for casual conversations or scheduled meetings with a dedicated agenda.  The Implementation Team lives in different states throughout the country, but we still work closely with each other through weekly Office Hours and regular check-ins, as well as 1:1 time with our Director and a team group chat. 

What’s the biggest technical challenge you’ve faced recently in your work? What made this particular challenge so tricky?

Recently I’ve been learning more about the technical aspects of our integrations.  It’s been difficult to catch on to some of the terminologies and understand the requirements. Luckily, I’ve had a great team by my side to teach me new things and help with questions. 

What advice would you give someone looking to move to an implementation team? 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It can be overwhelming learning a new software or system in order to do implementations, and you may feel nervous to reach out to others when you’re at a new company, but in order to succeed in implementation, rely on the team around you to lift you up and guide you.  

What is the key difference between implementation and customer success?

  • Implementation = platform configuration/system setup, and helping to get an organization set up for initial system usage & continued success. While in implementation, we meet weekly to define the Aclaimant workflow and prepare the organization to begin utilizing Aclaimant full-time. 
  • Customer success = monitoring success, continually reviewing an organization's goals as their business grows and needs change. 

Any parting words for an inspiring Aclaimer?

Aclaimant is an amazing place to work and you will always find support in your team members here, but you need to be ok with the unknown.  The company is still growing and the product is changing all the time. Know that you will have the resources for help, but you’ll also need to take initiative to use documentation for independent learning and learn through trial and error. 


Here's some great feedback from one of our customers on Stefanie's work:

“Your team has been great. The other day we had a surprise OSHA inspection that requested a bunch of OSHA documents in a pinch. We typically only deal with OSHA once a year, so pulling the reports is always fuzzy in my mind. Stef sent us great instructions, however, there were some issues with pulling in historical data, but we emailed Stef and she saved the day. Your team facilitated fixing the OSHA 300/300A forms quickly and helped us finalize and complete the 301 logs needed. She is incredible to work with and we really appreciate how she has jumped into our complex account and is already making an impact!” ~ Nate Evans, Project Manager Corporate Risk & Insurance at Carvana