By Aclaimant

Apr 29, 2021

We are pleased to announce that our CEO and Co-Founder, David Wald, has been selected as one of the winners of Business Insurance’s Break Out Award for 2021. Business Insurance’s Break Out Awards program recognizes the 40 top professionals who are projected to be the next generation of leaders in the risk management and property/casualty insurance field. David has been recognized for his leadership and professional skills that have fostered the growth and success of Aclaimant.


Aclaimant started as an idea that was born out of frustration due to rampant delays, inefficiencies, and poor outcomes in claims administration. Risk practitioners were frustrated by current practices and needed a better way to manage their claims and safety, and a better way to access and analyze their data. It was time for a better approach, so David and fellow co-founders Michael Schultz and Joel Friedman created Aclaimant: an insight-driven workflow solution for safety and risk management that is configurable to all categories of incidents and industries. It empowers every organization to actively manage its risk.


This award recognizes the Aclaimant team's value of relentless dedication to developing innovative solutions for our customers so they can focus on what's important. Aclaimant provides practical tools for addressing complex business challenges. Our offerings have attracted customers from the Fortune 500 and beyond, helping businesses and industries of all kinds actively manage their risk.


Eight years since its inception, Aclaimant’s trajectory continues to climb under David’s purview.


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