By Bill Skowronnek

Mar 19, 2020

Gary PearceAclaimant’s Chief Risk Officer, Gary Pearce, today was published in National Underwriter's Property Casualty 360 discussing the topic of black swan events and how an organization can become more prepared. "Black swans" are highly unlikely and relatively unforeseeable events with potentially extreme adverse consequences. In the featured article (free registration required), Gary focuses on the current global coronavirus pandemic as a textbook example of a black swan event, and, although typically unpredictable, what an organization can do in minimizing the effects of future black swans.

On Wednesday, April 1, Gary will be presenting a webinar on "How to Get Ready for the Next Black Swan" where he will discuss practical steps to better protect organizations against black swan events, including effective communications with leadership and business continuity planning. More information and registration can be found at