Jon Schultz

head of account management

Jon leads all of our account management and client management functions.

Why Did You Join Aclaimant?

It is an exciting opportunity to bring an innovative product to the conventional insurance industry.  The frequent positive client feedback we continue to receive reinforced my decision to join this unique team. 

What Did You Do Before Aclaimant?

I've worked in the tech startup space (Groupon & Sprout Social) for the past six years experiencing hyper-growth through product changes, team size and corporate culture.

The Best Part of Being at Aclaimant Is...

The Acaimant team is particularly distinct in its makeup and learning from others' experiences (both personally and professionally) is not only insightful, but also brings regular entertainment to the workplace.  

Stranded on a Desert Island, What 3 Items Would You Want With You?

  1. Dog

  2. Wife

  3. Sushi Chef

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