Gary Pearce

chief risk architect

Why Did You Join Aclaimant?

I joined Aclaimant because I hold the leadership team, who I have known for years, in high regard and I believe in the product.

What Did You Do Before Aclaimant?

Before Aclaimant I spent 26 years in risk management at Kelly Services, most recently Chief Risk, Compliance and Privacy Officer reporting to the CEO. Before that I was a VP at a major insurance broker and in the risk management department of a health care company.

The Best Part of Being at Aclaimant Is...

The best part of being at Aclaimant is being able to make a difference in everything I do, with people I enjoy working with.

Stranded on a Desert Island, What 3 Items Would You Want With You?

On the desert island I want my stereo system and entire record collection, and a good shortwave radio!