May 26, 2022

The partnership combines a robust data warehouse with best-in-class analysis to support risk management for companies of all sizes across industries

CHICAGO and MINNEAPOLIS, June #, 2022 – Aclaimant, the leading, proactive risk management information system (RMIS) platform, and Holmes Murphy, one of the largest employee-owned-and-controlled insurance brokerages in the nation, today announced a partnership to expand claims reporting and analytics capabilities for a range of Holmes Murphy’s clients through Aclaimant’s RMIS expertise and technology. The partnership will leverage Aclaimant’s comprehensive loss and claims data warehouse powered by advanced analytics capabilities along with Holmes Murphy’s already robust system to provide more value and a higher level of support and consultation for Holmes Murphy’s clients through streamlined data.

“Centralizing claims data on the Aclaimant platform will allow Holmes Murphy to offer state of the art data visualization and analytical solutions that deliver insights and improve outcomes for our clients,“ said Joe Schueller, Holmes Murphy Data Scientist. “Aclaimant’s platform will pave the way for us to build advanced analytics models for forecasting and alerting, among many other benefits.”

According to Deloitte’s 2022 Insurance Industry Outlook, 74 percent of insurance companies expect to increase spending on artificial intelligence (AI) and 67 percent on data analytics. As businesses increasingly understand the return on investment of digital technologies and look for new ways to harness these tools, organizations like Holmes Murphy will benefit from Aclaimant’s expertise and solutions for incident management, claims management, and claims analytics. As a result, broker teams are more embedded in clients’ risk management processes through data-driven reporting and can better advise with advanced insights on how to reduce risk and best protect each business. 

“This partnership would not have been possible without our participation in the 2021 BrokerTech Ventures Accelerator program. Through that, we forged a relationship with Holmes Murphy and are now enabling a data-driven approach to claims and risk management,” said David Wald, CEO and co-founder of Aclaimant. “Our technology is equipping Holmes Murphy with a streamlined way to improve policyholder engagement, data visibility, and claims outcomes to visualize, reduce, and proactively mitigate losses and risks.”

Through this collaboration, Holmes Murphy can now leverage Aclaimant’s reporting and data analytics tools, client benchmarking, and comparative performance analysis to uncover insights about their clients and provide a more detailed analysis of loss trends. Aclaimant’s platform will also enable the acquisition and cleansing of carrier data at scale as the partnership grows.

“We are incredibly excited about this partnership with Aclaimant,” said Chris Murphy, Holmes Murphy Vice President of Enterprise Loss Control. “With Aclaimant’s expertise in acquiring, organizing, and visualizing carrier loss data, we will be able to further enhance our claims consulting and loss control capabilities to drive superior results for our clients.”

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