By Aclaimant

Aug 24, 2023

Aclaimant is proud to partner with Bullhorn, a leading provider of cloud-based staffing and recruiting software. This partnership introduces a new integration between Aclaimant's risk management information system (RMIS) and Bullhorn's applicant tracking system (ATS). This will allow existing Bullhorn clients with an active Aclaimant subscription to seamlessly share employee data with their RMIS through the Aclaimant data connector.

How does this work?

Suppose you have a candidate who has just been hired by one of your clients. This candidate's profile contains a wealth of information, including their qualifications, job title, contact details, and more. Traditionally, you might spend valuable time copying and pasting this information into different systems. By leveraging the integration, you can instantaneously transfer candidate data from Bullhorn into Aclaimant, creating a unified and accurate profile without the need for manual re-entry.

How can you benefit from the Aclaimant integration with Bullhorn?

  1. Centralize Incident Data: Manual data entry is prone to mistakes, which often lead to future complications. With the Aclaimant-Bullhorn integration, you can assure that candidate and client data is accurately transferred, reducing the risk of error.

  2. Streamline Incident and Claim Reporting: Free up valuable time traditionally spent on laborious data entry tasks. By seamlessly sharing data between Bullhorn and Aclaimant, you'll reclaim precious hours that can be better invested in strategic initiatives.

  3. Eliminate Redundancy: Why duplicate efforts when you can seamlessly synchronize candidate and client data? This integration, avoids the frustration of re-entering information that already exists in your systems.

"Our partnership with the Bullhorn ATS platform is an exciting development for Aclaimant. Bullhorn has been a valuable integration partner for us for many years, and we are proud to be recognized in their partner marketplace. This partnership allows us to further our mission of empowering staffing companies to be better risks and protect what matters most. With Bullhorn's leading position in the staffing industry and our best-in-class RMIS platform, we are excited to expand our impact in the staffing space and beyond." - David Wald, CEO of Aclaimant

As the Aclaimant-Bullhorn partnership kicks off, we are excited for transformative power it will bring to workforce management. By leveraging the strengths of both platforms, businesses can look forward to enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and streamlined operations.

Learn more about the Aclaimant platform and the Bullhorn integration on our Bullhorn partnership page or our page on the Bullhorn marketplace