By Gary Pearce

Jan 06, 2021

On December 22 Aclaimant hosted Alida Miranda-Wolff, Founder and CEO of Ethos, for a webinar on How to Thrive By Incorporating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Your Business.  Ms. Miranda-Wolff expounded on the premise that DEI initiatives are no longer mere nice-to-have matters but are baseline stakeholder expectations and critical to organizational success.  


Ms. Miranda-Wolff addressed the meaning of social identity and corporate culture, the social pressures faced by employees, and how to respond proactively to mitigate risk.  She provided insight as to how organizations should organize their DEI practices and what initial steps should be taken to launch the function, as well as identifying some common challenges and issues that employers are likely to encounter.  Michael Schultz, cofounder of Aclaimant, hosted the session.


Ms. Miranda-Wolff’s presentation concluded a very successful first year for the Aclaimant Knowledge Network Webinar Series.  Since its launch in March, Aclaimant conducted sixteen separate webinar events during 2020. The Aclaimant Knowledge Network (AKN) is dedicated to providing its audience an opportunity to listen and learn from a wide range of professional practitioners whose expertise ranges from enterprise risk management to corporate social responsibility.  Our goal is to introduce the most important and relevant issues that organizations face on a daily basis and create a bias for action that identifies and protects what’s important!   Preparation is underway for additional sessions in Q1 of 2021 and for those who would like to contribute to future webinar topics or have an issue that is specific to how to actively manage risk, please feel free to contact


The slides and video from Ms. Miranda-Wolff’s presentation are available on the Aclaimant website.