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Did you know that certain industrial chemicals can cause hearing loss, whether combined with noise exposures or even on their own? This risk has been known for years, but is now attracting increased regulatory attention.

Our guest expert, Tim Frazer of Chubb Global Risk Advisors, discusses the concept of ototoxicants, their effects, and control approaches. He explores the causes and results of hearing loss in general, ototoxicity, and the consequences for worker’s compensation and OSHA recordability. He identifies examples of known or suspected ototoxins, and teaches viewers about risk reduction opportunities as well as tools used to determine causation.

The current change in the scientific understanding of the chemical risks of hearing loss may eventually change OSHA’s regulatory philosophy, but the potential for loss from these ototoxic agents will be reflected first in workers' compensation and potential liability claims. In today’s more stringent environment, a wait-and-see approach is no longer sufficient. Mr. Frazer’s presentation informs on how to actively manage this increasingly concerning risk exposure.

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