We're closing out the year with a recap of all the updates to the Aclaimant system in 2021. In addition to the look back, we will share some of the future items planned for 2022.

One of the key items developed this year, the OSHA ITA Integration, will be demonstrated for those customers willing to send annual data directly to OSHA. This is a free service and following the session, customers can learn more about utilizing it for your team.


parul_headshotParul Bhandari
Director of Customer Success, Aclaimant
Parul has several years of Customer Success and consulting experience, serving customers in many industries and among many different SAAS products. Parul joined Aclaimant in March 2021 and has been working with our post-implementation teams to bring our customers more focused content to improve the user experience with Aclaimant. Parul’s background is in engineering and management, and in addition to being a big proponent of all things Customer Success, she is a board-certified Ergonomist, and a mom - residing in Chicago with her family.

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"Moving to Aclaimant hasGATE allowed for increased productivity, streamlined workflows, and enhanced synergy within the company."

Holly Wozniak, Assistant Risk Manager, GATE Petroleum