Active Risk Management

Times have changed. The new world of risk requires input, insight, and execution from your people. It is critical to your organization’s very identity to leverage technology as a tool of engagement.

Aclaimant gives companies new ways to reduce the cost of risk and keep people safe. We uncover problems that companies may not know they have, and fundamentally change the way organizations actively manage risk.

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Incident Management
Develop an automated, step by step solution that can guide the field through the appropriate steps and triage procedures to create an incident or claim file.
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Claims Management
Digitize and organize safety, incident, and claims usage and information from various carriers and TPAs into a single system.
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Intuitive Workflows
Digitize all safety procedures and protocols into a single, easy to use tool, capturing video, image, or other onsite documentation to ensure information is obtained in real time.
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Analytics and Reporting
Visualize data into dashboards to glean insight, share with management, and dive into details about incidents and claims activity.
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Here’s just a few of the companies that have implemented the Aclaimant solution

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