Feb 28, 2022



Mitigating risk in the workplace: Getting all stakeholders involved

Contributed by: Princess Castleberry benefits-pro-logo-1

One of the most effective ways to mitigate your company’s risk? Get all your stakeholders involved, from the field to the board room. Our interim Head of People Princess Castleberry explains how you can engage everyone (from employees to leaders) to look for potential risks in the workplace and build an aware, risk avoidant culture.

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global excellence awards

Awards New-AI-Logo-2019-01b-1

Aclaimant was recognized as the Most Innovative Risk Management Software company in Illinois in the 2022 Global Excellence Awards! Thank you Acquisition International Magazine.

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How is workplace safety evolving in 2022 and beyond?

Contributed by: Gary Pearce IB-CRI_logo

Part of Active Risk Management is proactively looking forward on how to better manage risk in the future. Our very own Gary Pearce lets us know what to expect in the 2022 risk landscape and beyond.

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When it comes to realizing exponential results from leveraging technology alongside your risk management strategy, TrustLayer and Aclaimant make the perfect pair. Read on as Trustlayer's CEO John Fohr and our own CEO David Wald illustrate how digitized systems can flip traditional risk management thinking on it's head.

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