May 02, 2022


How to manage each of the 5 stages of burnout


With many businesses still battling the Great Resignation, employee burnout continues to be an important conversation. Our own Princess Castleberry (Head of People at Aclaimant) illustrates the different stages of burnout and how to manage them.

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Top 8 Cyber Insurance Companies for 2022


What does risk mangaement look like in the IT space? With cybersecurity, data privacy, and many more digital issues at the forefront of everyone’s mind our own Joel Friedman talks about the importance of integrating not only your systems, but teams to make sure IT managers and risk managers are on the same page.

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The CEO’s risk agenda: An insurance perspective


Risk Management is one of the top 5 concerns for CEOs according to this study from McKinsey & Company.

"By elevating the importance of risk culture in the business and by adopting a risk lens for all key business processes, organizations can create a more efficient and cost-effective operating model in the second and third lines."

We're seeing more companies adopt this approach to actively manage risk by empowering their employees resulting in an impact on safety culture and more cost-efficient risk programs.

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