By Charlie Giambrone

Feb 08, 2023

Name: Charlie GiambroneCharlie Giambrone Headshot

Title: Account Executive

What’s your role at Aclaimant?

My role at Aclaimant is Account Executive.  I work on finding new new customers who would benefit from the Aclaimant product and introducing them to our platform and services.

What do you do beyond work?

Outside of work is all about my kids.  I have 3 kids (12, 10 and 4) so all of my time gets taken up between baseball, basketball and soccer.  When the weather is good, we golf or do water sports.  In the fall, it's all about the Bills and football!

What’s it like to work on your team?

It's different everyday!  But always exciting and interesting.  Always learning about either new services at Aclaimant or learning about our clients.  It's highly collaborative and fast paced.  There's never a dull moment.  It's unique in sales to be as collaborative as we are at Aclaimant.  I like feeling like I'm part of a team.  We have challenges and are trying to solve tough problems, but we're doing it together and I feel like I can actually feel the progress that we make here.  

What about your work inspires you?

Regardless of the day, I feel like I am contributing to the growth of the company.  I haven't always been able to see how my work can change a company, but I feel it every day here.  It makes me excited to hop on every morning and figure out how we continue to make progress!

Do you have any favorite company traditions or things you enjoy about the culture?

I'm not sure if it's a tradition, but the company runs really transparently.  One of my favorite things is the open-ness of our org.  If I want to talk to the CEO, a new SDR, or my manager, I always find a receptive and collaborative audience.  This feels different (and better) than other places I've worked before where I felt more like a cog in the machine.  

How do you encourage and support remote culture?

Constant communication with colleagues.  Whether a Slack, a text or a phone call.  It's all about communication when remote. I also work to make it a priority (and my team does too) to make face to face engagements happen and matter when they do!

What is the most underrated Aclaimant feature?

Smart tasking aka the automation.  Every time I talk to a client, that's the "aha!" moment.  It's when a prospect can understand that for every time they had to nag someone previously, it now can happen serendipitously.  I love seeing them light up when we discuss it.

What advice would you give someone who is looking to move into an account executive role?

Be patient with yourself.  Set your expectations appropriately.  Take the time to learn how to be successful in the role.  Rely on your team, whether it's management or other AEs along the way.  Sales is not an individual sport.  

Any parting words for an aspiring Aclaimer?

It's the people at Aclaimant that make the difference.  If you want to join a company that's mission driven and also care about the people you work with, then it's the right place for you.  You'll never feel alone while you are here.  Even remote, it truly feels like a team environment where we are all in together from the leadership team down to junior employees.  Come ready to roll up your sleeves and jump in with us!