By Aclaimant

Dec 06, 2022

We are proud to announce that Aclaimant is now an official ADP Marketplace partner. What does this mean? Existing ADP Workforce Now clients who also have an active subscription to Aclaimant can seamlessly share data through the Aclaimant data connector. 

How does this work?

Let's say one of your employees gets injured and you need to complete an incident report that requires all the employee's profile details (e.g., date of hire, address, job title, pay rate, etc.). You could manually copy this information from ADP® — or use the Aclaimant data connector. This connector allows you to seamlessly access relevant employee data and eliminate duplicate data entry within Aclaimant.

How can you benefit from the Aclaimant integration with ADP?

  • Increase data accuracy. Manually typing employee data or copying and pasting data is error prone and can create future headaches. Aclaimant's data connector for ADP Workforce Now helps you accurately pre-populate employee data and eliminate the risk of a typo.

  • Save time on data entry. Work smarter, not harder. Save time on manual data entry by quickly searching for an employee and their associated employee profile details without logging into ADP.

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry. You already entered an employees' data into ADP Workforce Now to create their profile, so why would you create more work by retyping that info for follow up paperwork? Eliminate duplicate data entry by pre-populating employee data based on a search.

“It’s crucial for companies to have a holistic view of risk and safety in this modern environment. You want to make it easy to do the right thing, have the right place to go, report near-miss as well as incident information. This integration makes it seamless for employers to do that. It can carry over HR information, making the reporting more accurate the first time around, and automatically fill in the information for people to move on and get back to their jobs.”

David Wald, CEO and Co-Founder of Aclaimant 


When a customer deploys the Aclaimant integration for ADP, they will realize improved accuracy, time savings, and productivity among their teams. Automated workflows configured specifically to a customer’s needs removes the burden of manual steps, allowing teams to import employee and payroll data in real time with less error. These added efficiencies help risk teams to avoid burnout, deal with more claims faster, and focus on improving safety measures. 

Learn more about the Aclaimant platform and the ADP integration here