By Bill Skowronnek

Mar 25, 2020

Logo green on transparentAclaimant understands the serious nature of the current global coronavirus pandemic, and we recognize our corporate social responsibility and commitment in helping where we can and how we can in this tough time. We are all in crisis mode, and, during this time, it’s imperative that we all use good common sense in protecting ourselves so, in turn, we can protect our families, friends, co-workers, and community.  

As an organization, we are committed to our plan and responsiveness in ensuring we are putting our employees and company in a position to endure through these times. We have instituted a work-from-home mandate and have asked our team to commit to the CDC requests for preventative measures, starting with social distancing. We will continue to adhere to this policy until official confirmation is received that our work environment is safe and secure from the exposure to COVID-19. 

For our customers, we understand the difficulties that they may be experiencing within their own businesses and with their employees. We always have and will continue to work closely with them in ensuring that we meet their needs, even as those needs change on a seemingly evolving basis. Our financial stability and commitment to our contractual obligations will not change, and we will leverage our expertise and experience to adapt to both the short- and long-term climate.

Finally, in these trying times, it’s important to recognize those individuals who have made the decision to put others’ needs ahead of their own. We all know somebody in our community who fits this mold, so let them know you appreciate them. And, let’s not forget all of those newly-minted stay at home parents and extended family members with children or seniors that need care. Enjoy each other in these difficult times, and, most of all, be smart and stay safe.