What To Do After An Injury Is Reported

1. Follow-up and adding key information to your file
2. Medical assignment
3. Sending information to a relevant party

1. Follow-up and adding key information to your file

After an injury is reported, you can find it on the Claims tab in the web portal (administrators only).  To navigate to this page simply (1) click "Claims" on the top right of the page.  To view the reported injury, navigate to the row of the reported injury you would like to view and (2) click that row.  Doing so will pull up the injury report information page where you can find see and add more information to the injury file.

From the claims information page you can see all of the (3) details of the reported injury including a (4) map of where the injury was reported from (if the reporting party enabled GPS).  Scroll to the bottom of the file to see and add notes and files.

When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll see the notes section.

Existing notes (5) include information from who posted the note, as well as the time the note was posted.  The content of the note includes text and a link to any previously uploaded files.

To add a new note, enter text where it says Add Note... (6), uploading attachments by clicking on the grey button labeled Upload Attachment.  Once you are satisfied with your note, (7) click the green "Add Note" button to add your note to the injury report.  Please note that Notes cannot be edited once posted, except by an Aclaimant team member.

2. Medical Assignment

To assign an injured employee to a doctor or clinic, navigate to the section of the injury report details labeled doctors visits, and click (8 on the above picture) "Assign Doctor Visit".  This will bring you to the doctor visit page.  

From here you can assign an injured employee to a doctor or clinic.  Once assigned, their file will be noted and the injured employee will receive a text and email notification of which hospital or clinic they should visit, including directions and contact information.

First, identify which location the injured party is in and enter the zip code of that location in the upper right (9).  If they are in the same location as the reporting party, then leave the location as current location.

Select the clinic that you would like the injured employee to visit (10) and select (11) the green Assign button, to assign an injured party to that doctor or clinic.

3. Sending Information to a Relevant Party

To share an injury report with a relevant party or member of your team, navigate to the top of the injury report and locate (1) the bar labeled Actions.  Select (2) the gray box labeled Email Claim to pull up the Email bar (3).  Enter up to 5 email addresses in the email bar, being sure to press enter after each one to validate it in the system.  Once validated it will show up as a gray block (4).  Once you are satisfied with the emails entered, click (5) the grey send it button on the right side of the bar.

Your selected parties will receive a generated pdf with your injuries information, as well as links to view the attached files in the application.  Please note, to see the note attachments your receiving parties will need to be setup in the system.