Setting Up Your Company

There are 5 key steps to setup your company on the aclaimant system.

  1. Your company & administrators
  2. Your employees
  3. Injury hotline
  4. Mobile application
  5. Doctor/clinic setup

1. Your Company and Administrators

To get setup in the Aclaimant system, we'll need a few key pieces of information about your company.  These include:

  1. Your Company Name
  2. The list of Administrators for your work comp and office injuries.  We'll need names, phone #'s, and emails addresses for your administrators.

    These administrators will be able to:
    1. Setup new employees in the system
    2. Report injuries for others
    3. Receive an email alter whenever an injury is reported
    4. Review injuries and claims
    5. Add information to an existing injury file 
    6. Assign doctors to an injured employee
    7. Send a claim file to a 3rd party

2. Your Employees

To setup your employees in the Aclaimant system, we'll need an eligibility file including their name, email address and cell phone #.  This will allow us to be able to pre-populate forms, allow you to easily communicate with your workforce, and also quickly capture key information should an injury occur.

Once setup in the system, your employees can do the following using the Aclaimant system.

  1. Have the option to download the aclaimant mobile injury reporting application
  2. Report an injury for themselves either on the mobile app or web portal
  3. Employees cannot or do not:
    1. Cannot setup new employees in the system
    2. Cannot view claim information outside of their own
    3. Cannot report injuries for others
    4. Do not receive an email alter whenever an injury is reported, unless they are a witness or the injured party
    5. Cannot review injuries and claims, nor add or view a claim file
    6. Cannot assign doctors to an injured employee
    7. Cannot send a claim file to a 3rd party

3. Injury Hotline

As part of the Aclaimant system, we are able to setup an injury hotline.  This is a phone number setup for use in reporting of injuries via SMS or phone.  This line records calls and forwards either to a customizable voice mailbox or to a designated party at your company of your choice.  Whether called and recorded or texted, the contents of either the conversation or text message (text, photo, or video) are automatically stored for later retrieval in the aclaimant system.  After a call, an optional and customizeable SMS message can be sent to up to 5 mobile #’s upon the occurrence of an injury report via call or SMS.


4. Mobile Application

The Aclaimant mobile application is currently available for iOS and Android devices, and may also be accessed on a mobile web browser.  To install the application, follow the steps and link the setup text you received from the aclaimant system.

The steps below walk you through the process for installing the iOS app (for Android devices, you will be taken to the Google Play store to download Aclaimant for Android):



5. Doctor/Clinic Setup

The aclaimant system allows the setup of approved doctor's offices/clinics for each company.  The clinics must be added by an Aclaimant representative.

Upon the creation of an injury file, these clinics' information can easily be sent to an employee to direct them to the appropriate care organization.

Each clinic's listing contains the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Location
  3. Hours
  4. Phone #
  5. Fax #


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