Messaging Aclaimant To Your Workforce

  1. Sample messaging to employees
  2. Distribution of key information

1. Sample messaging to employees

We never want any of our employees to get hurt in the workplace, but sometimes it happens!

When it does, we want you to be prepared.  That’s why we’ve implemented the aclaimant solution.  It’s simple, and you won’t experience any significant changes in your day to day processes.

If you are hurt, there are now 2 responsibilities that every employee has.

if you are near your supervisor, let them know of the injury immediately and have them call or text the information to your dedicated injury hotline, setup for your company.
call or text your dedicated injury line and then let your supervisor know

Remember, if this is an emergency dial 911 and seek immediate medical treatment.  
If not, when reporting your injury remember to send or say a few things:

  1. Who you are and what your job is
  2. When the incident occurred
  3. How the incident occurred
  4. Where the incident occurred
  5. Who else saw the incident occur

When you call the hotline, you will be connected to your local HR manager.  If they are unavailable you will be sent to a voicemail box, where you can leave a message with this information.

Either way, the relevant individuals will be contacted at your company, and the call will be recorded so that there is a record of what transpired.

Please also take any photos or videos of the area in which the injury occurred, or of the injury itself (with permission of the injured party).  Text these photos to the injury hotline so there is a record of what happened and where it happened.

It is your responsibility to ensure that injuries are reported as quickly as possible.

Your employer wants to ensure you have a safe and supportive environment, the only way that they can do that is if they know when you get hurt!

In order to ensure that you have the right information, please ensure that you have saved to your mobile device, your injury hotline #.  Please save this # as the name of your company and the word “injury line”.

We sincerely hope that you never get hurt, but in the event you do we want you to be prepared!

2. Distribution of key information

Each employee now only needs to be given the company hotline number and the instructions above.  This can be done either through email from management or via a text message sent out to the employees in an organization.

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