How To Report An Injury

  1. Mobile application
  2. Web portal
  3. Injury hotline

1. Mobile Application

To report an injury on the mobile app, after the app is open and your are logged in, (1) click the green button labeled “Report an Injury”.  This begins the injury reporting process.





Reporting an injury requires 4 key pieces of information.

(1) Who was injured.  For employees using the application, this field will be autofilled with their information.

Administrators can also report injuries for others.  For an administrator, simply select the Injured Party Field (1) to bring up the Injured Party selection menu.  Search for an injured party (1a) by clicking the Search bar or scroll to find the correct party.  Select an injured party by selecting the check mark (1b) on the right of the injured parties row. 

(2) Select the date of the incident by clicking "Date of Incident" and identifying the day, month, year, and time of the injury.

(3) Location at Time of Injury.  Click this field to type the details of the location of the injured employee at the time they were hurt.  This can include which office, and location in inside that office location (store room in Birmingham).

(4) What Happened.  Click this field to enter details of how the injury occurred.  

(5) Witnesses.  Select the "+" on the right of witnesses to pull up the witness addition menu.  This menu follows the same basic functionality as the Injured Party selection menu above, except that you can add multiple witnesses to a report.  Use this field if individuals witnessed the injury.  This field is optional.

Once your injury report is complete, (6) click "Submit" on the top right.


2. Web Portal

To report an injury on the web, after the you've gone to and your logged in, (1) click the top navigation button labeled “Report an Injury”.  This begins the injury reporting process.



To report an injury, follow the same steps as with the mobile application:

(1) Select injured party (admin only) - searching using the search bar (1a) and selecting the appropriate check to the right (1b)

(2) Identify the time and date of the incident.

(3) Identify the location of the injury.

(4) Identify what happened.

(5) Add witnesses by selecting the "+" on the right of the Witnesses box, and searching using the same controls as with an injured party.

(6) Select Report Injury.


3. Injury Hotline

Once your injury hotline is setup, you may either call or text in your injury to this line.  Simply enter the number into a phone, and call.  If you receive a voicemail box, leave the details of your injury.  If you speak to a supervisor or HR person, describe to them the details of what has happened.  Please keep in mind that this call will be recorded.  Important information to share during your call include who was hurt, when, how they were hurt, where they were hurt, and who saw the injury.

You amy also text in your injury details, including photos and videos of the injury or injury location. 

3.1 Injury Hotline to Reported Injury (Administrators Only)

To see all call in or texted in injuries navigate to (1) Call Ins on the top of the menu bar, once logged into the web portal on your computer.  This will pull up a page of all of the reported injuries that have occurred for your company.   Each call in is saved as a separate block, with information including type of call in (SMS, Call or Voicemail - VM) in the top right and information on the reporting number.  

Each block contains either an audio file of a recorded call (a transcript is provided when no one answers the call and a voicemail is left) or content of the SMS either text, picture or video.  To see more information about a call in simply click the expanding arrows (2) in the top right of the box you wish to expand.

Once expanded, you can now see additional call details or information on the top left of the screen (3).  To create a new injury report from this information click (4) Create New Injury, which will take you to a screen similar to the web portal injury reporting above.  Once created, this injury report will contain the text or call in information from which the report was created.  This will be located in the notes section.

Additionally, you can add call in information into an existing injury file.  To do this, simply click "Add to Injury" (5).  

From here, you'll be able to search for injury either by ID, location, or explanation.  To search, click on the search field (6), select the injury report you'd like to add this to (7) then click the green button to "Add to Injury".

Once added, this file will appear in the notes section of the injury report you've selected.