How To Login To The Different Aclaimant Systems

  1. Mobile application
  2. Web portal
  3. Injury hotline

1. Mobile Application

After the Aclaimant mobile application has been installed on your phone you can login to the mobile application.  

First, open the mobile app by selecting the Aclaimant app icon from your smartphone - it should look like the icon the right.

The application requires internet to work, if you do not have access to the internet from your mobile device, you’ll need to either use the aclaimant hotline or web portal from an internet accessible device or computer.

You may login to the Aclaimant system with either your cell phone # or your work email address.  If you haven't been setup in the system yet, please contact your HR department.  

(1) Enter you mobile phone # or work email in the field labeled "Mobile Phone # or Work Email."


After you enter this information (2) Click the green Request Login Code button, you'll receive a 4-6 number code.  If you've entered your mobile phone #, this code will be texted to you, if you've entered your email, this code will be emailed to you.


(3) Enter this code in the next field, labeled  Verification Code.

(4) click the green "Login" button to access the application.








2. Web Portal

To login to the system on an internet enabled device or computer open a web browser and visit  Once on the homepage (1) click "Login" in the upper right to get started.

Just as with the mobile app, you'll need to (2) enter your work email or your mobile phone # in the field labeled "Mobile Phone # or Work Email" and (3) click the green button labeled "Request Login Code".  After you've received your 4-6 number login code via text or email, (4) enter your code in the field labeled "Verification Code" and (5) click the green button labeled "Login".

3. Injury Hotline

The injury hotline does not require a login to use, all an injured party or observer needs to do is call or send a text to the injury hotline setup for your specific company.

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