Jim Farber

Cofounder and insurance expert

Jim is a cofounder of Aclaimant and serves as the Aclaimant teams industry expert.

Jim is also the founder and President of Executive Strategies, Inc. (ESI), a national retail and wholesale specialty insurance agency he formed in July 2000. ESI is dedicated exclusively to the insurance and risk related needs of underserved industries and serves as Program Administrator and Underwriting Manager for the programs within the INCA Holdings portfolio.

INCA Holdings, which Jim founded and is Chairman of the Board, is a company created to operate a portfolio of highly profitable niche insurance companies, capitalizing upon the premise that Insureds Need Creative Alternatives. In 1997, Jim developed the first group Property & Casualty insurance program for the National Technical Service Association (NTSA), whose membership was staffing firms throughout the United States.

Currently, Jim serves on the ASA National Workers’ Compensation, Risk Management, and Safety Advisory Council. In 2013, Jim became a Coverholder at Lloyd’s of London, with authority to underwrite Employment Practices Liability coverage on behalf of the Beazley Syndicate.

Prior to entering the agency/ brokerage system, Jim was an underwriter with Victor O. Schinnerer & Co., Inc., a leading Managing General Agent for professional liability insurance programs. He is a Licensed Insurance Counselor, a Property, Casualty, Life & Health Agent, a Surplus Lines Broker and an Open Market Correspondent at Lloyd’s of London.

Why Did You Join Aclaimant?

I joined aclaimant to save our clients from the status quo.  One of my main career goals is to help companies continually improve outcomes and aclaimant provides a dynamic environment in which we can work with our clients as partners to challenge status quo thinking. This allows our clients to achieve outcomes that are significantly more favorable than their competitors who are willing to accept the mediocrity that comes with the status quo.

What Did You Do Before You Joined Aclaimant?

In the 5 years before joining aclaimant I was the majority shareholder of an insurance company I founded that suffered financially from the status quo thinking that paralyzes so many organizations.  In the moments immediately prior to joining aclaimant, I was eating breakfast.

The Best Part of Being At Aclaimant Is?

The best part of being at aclaimant is working with people who, like I do, are continually thinking of new ways to achieve better outcomes for our clients and then ACT on those ideas to achieve meaningful results.

Stranded on a Desert Island What 3 Things Would You Bring?

1.     A jukebox loaded with every song ever written
2.     A lifetime supply of cheese
3.     Lots of sunblock

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