Chrissy Schmidt

Sales Account Executive

Why Did You Join Aclaimant?

I was searching for a company that had a core culture of integrity and positivity, was consistently looking for ways to improve, and had a unique product to offer the market.

What Did You Do Before Aclaimant?

I was in sales leadership for most of my career building process and efficiency to ensure my team would be as productive and successful as possible. I am thrilled to be part of an organization that is helping bring efficiency to other organizations. I've always thought working smarter was a simple key to success.

The Best Part of Being at Aclaimant Is...

The company is quickly evolving and growing, meaning every day is different and exciting!

Stranded on a Desert Island, What 3 Items Would You Want With You?

Chapstick, a boat, and Lila, our office dog.

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