At Aclaimant, we are excited to begin our partnership with Charles Taylor.

Below, you can find interactive videos highlighting how Aclaimant can digitize every phase of incident and claim management, from reporting to documentation to management, triage, and analytics.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the cost of risk at any business, by simplifying, streamlining, and digitizing the incident management process!  No more forms, no more fax machines, no more chasing information!

Should you have any questions about the Aclaimant system, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Aclaimant team, at


Seamless and Efficient Mobile Reporting

Aclaimant enables team members in any location (or anywhere else) to streamline internal reporting processes, allowing anyone with a mobile device to quickly document image, video, text, call, or email using our customizable hotlines.  Our system not only helps to reduce lag time, but also allows for instantaneous capture of incident information for anything that goes wrong at any location.  

We can handle and help your team work through every kind of incident and claim, from employee injuries, to problems with customers, routine safety checks, even auto and property damage.  We aim to be the system that can help every organization become a better risk.

Coordinated Task Management and Follow-up

Aclaimant allows for easy internal organization around task management.  Using our task manager, Aclaimant helps not only manage the clock, but also who is on it.  Assign tasks internally or externally, between departments and across locations - to ensure nothing gets missed (compliance, best practices, follow-ups, etc.) for any kind of incident.  You can also find the nearest approved medical facility, including sending an employee name, address, hours, and phone numbers to ensure they get to the right facility, right away!

Digitize Form Creation and Compliance (including OSHA)

Aclaimant allows your teams to create any forms they need all in one, simple, and easy to use system.  

From internal forms like accident and incident reports, to state compliance (FROI), OSHA (300, 300A, and 301), to medical authorization and medical release forms, even accident investigation and claim submission, can all be completed electronically in the aclaimant system!  Not only that, but our smart algorithm will automatically identify fields between forms.  You'll only ever need to enter a piece of information one time which means you can forget about redundant information entry forever. 

Once a form is complete, our system seamlessly connects anywhere you need to send a form, whether you want to electronically sign, fax, print and mail, email, or send through an API, we've got you covered!

Visualize Your Data Utilizing Real Time Analytics

Not only does Aclaimant allow for process improvement, but it also unlocks your data in a beautiful way.  Our system allows for the real time dashboarding and monitoring of anything that happens in your organization, from understanding lag time by facility, or payments and reserves by line, we present your data back to you in an easy to understand format!


Clear ROI for Charles Taylor and your Clients

Aclaimant improves the efficiency and effectiveness of every step of the workplace safety, incident, and claims management processes!  This helps generate a clear ROI for policyholders, their employees, and for their TPAs/Service Providers like Charles Taylor.

Some of the benefits employers/policyholders have seen include:

  • Improved Reporting and Closure Speeds. 40-50% reduction in lag time (time to report an incident to the carrier) and reduction in drag time (duration that a file remains open).  This has resulted in claims cost savings of up to 40%.
  • Reduction of Administrative Redundancy.  Streamlined form creation allows information to be entered one time and populate all required forms, reducing data entry time by up to 5x.  Automated follow-ups on open tasks reduce dozens of email check-ins per week.
  • Improved Active Management and Documentation. Capturing an average of 3 multimedia (image, video, audio recordings) per incident provides a new level of depth and documentation for workplace incidents and claims.
  • Safety and Prevention.  Aclaimant makes it easy to create digital workplace safety initiatives to improve prevention.

Some of the benefits to Charles Talyor include:

  • Better Data.  Getting more information, more quickly (see reporting speed and documentation above), can allow Charles Taylor to become more effective in helping clients to achieve better outcomes.
  • Improved Client Satisfaction.  Providing clients an automated and streamlined tool to help guide them through internal processes and ensure best practices are followed improves the client experience by reducing confusion and complexity throughout the claims process.
  • Better Collaboration and Utilization.  Providing a single, digital system allows for more streamlined collaboration.  When something occurs, the conversation changes from "what do I do?" to "how do we get better?".  In addition, through Aclaimant's automated workflow tools we can seamlessly incorporate Charles Taylor preferred vendors and services, improving utilization to improve client outcomes.
  • Deeper Data.  By providing a single system to your clients, we are able to extract deeper data in real time, for all lines of coverage.  As we guide clients through a digital workflow process, we can extract insight into client processes to be used to identify opportunities for improvement and enhacement  in collaboration with Charles Taylor, in real time!

Like what you see?

We'd love to spend more time sharing what we're working on and building on a great partnership.

David Wald