By Celsea Young

Dec 13, 2022

Name: Celsea YoungCelsea Young

Title: Customer Support Specialist

What’s your role at Aclaimant?

My role at Aclaimant is Customer Success Support. I work on all incoming tickets that come through Zendesk. Whether there’s a bug or someone just needs to login, I am the first point of contact for all support inquiries. 

What do you do beyond work?

Outside of work I love to try new restaurants and find nice rooftops. I’ve been kickboxing for about 2 years, by far the best decision I've made for working out!  I also just started taking golf lessons because I needed a new hobby. Any chance I get to travel, I take it. I aim for at least 4 trips per year, domestic and international. 

What’s it like to work on your team?

Working on my team is like waking up and realizing you have an extra $100 in your bank account to spend at Target. Our team is a very well oiled machine. We are all very respectful to each other, we communicate very efficiently, and everyone is very supportive.

What about your work inspires you?

Knowing that we’re making a difference to our customers. A simple “Thank you for helping with this” from our customers keeps me motivated and happy to know that I am a part of a group that is providing our customers with the service and products they deserve. 

Do you have any favorite company traditions or things you enjoy about the culture?

Since joining Aclaimant, I’ve visited Chicago twice. Each year, I look forward to meeting up with the Customer Success team to work and enjoy each other's company. I also really enjoy the fireside coffee chats, where we have the opportunity to meet team members from other teams. Since we work remotely, I really like getting to know other team members whom I typically wouldn’t talk to every day. 

How is Aclaimant’s culture different from previous companies you’ve worked for?

Aclaimant’s culture is different from the previous companies I’ve worked for in so many ways. Being 100% remote, it's easy to be another face in the crowd, but we have weekly meetings, one-on-one’s, and many other collaborative ways to communicate and stay connected. I love that there is always something to participate in that takes our minds off work and allows us to have a brain break and be ourselves. Aclaimant has an amazing work-life balance, the PTO policy is very flexible whether you’re going out of town, to the doctor or you just need a day, Aclaimant is there to support you.

How do you encourage and support remote culture?

Our team uses multiple means of communication, it's so easy for us to communicate with our many sources including email, zoom, and slack. On the Customer Success team, we have happy hour via zoom which is pretty cool!  Whether it be hopping on a quick call for 5-10 mins to communicate with your teammate, or sending a quick Slack message this keeps the communication seamless and makes one realize you don’t really need an office to be as productive.

How do you work with others within Aclaimant when a customer has a problem?

Once the problem has been identified I triage and see if there is another department that will need to assist. If so, I communicate with the appropriate contact via Slack, Click Up, etc. to ensure the issue gets resolved. Everyone is very timely in their responses so that makes it pretty easy to get the problem resolved in a timely manner. 

What is the most underrated Aclaimant feature?

I’m not sure if this is the most underrated feature but one that I find pretty helpful is the Help Center. There are tons of articles that will help with troubleshooting and provide general information on using the Aclaimant platform. The cool thing about our Support Center is that it's separated by category so whatever type of article you are looking for is easy to find. 

What advice would you give someone who is looking to move into a customer support role?

Staying organized is very important in the support role because you are always working on multiple things at once for multiple customers. It can be easy to overlook something in the midst of your work.

Any parting words for an inspiring Aclaimer?

Regardless of what role you are going after, I think it's important to be very open-minded and receptive to change. Also, saying yes to new projects or tasks will help you learn more about the Aclaimant platform tremendously. This is a great place to work with a group of people that genuinely care.