Aclaimant Recognized in Built in Chicago

On August 23, Built in Chicago recognized Aclaimant as a major player in Chicago’s insurance technology industry. Although the companies on this list are diverse, all use modern technology to improve an underserved space in the insurance industry, such as using mobile apps to file auto claims, or using predictive analytics to save money on car insurance. Given the amount of fresh ideas here, it’s no surprise that insurance technology—or insurtech, as it is often called—is expected to grow exponentially as new technologies continue to improve outdated processes.

Founded in 2013, Aclaimant is a Resolution Performance platform that uses incident management technology to help employees, employers, and insurance carriers understand and manage risk. After reporting workplace incidents through Aclaimant’s company portal, users can decrease insurance spend by processing claims, managing compliance, and accessing real-time data in an easy-to-use web app.

Aclaimant works with many industries, but has been particularly successful with staffing firms, insurance brokers and agents, and risk management firms. These companies use Aclaimant to organize their processes across multiple locations and, in the case of brokers and risk managers, to give themselves a competitive edge when helping resolve their clients’ claims. Further, Aclaimant’s affordable cost and easy onboarding makes it a good choice for companies that need to manage risk and decrease cost.   

We’re thrilled to be included in Built in Chicago’s list of companies that are redefining the insurance industry, to be part of Chicago’s tech community, and to be a part of this exciting industry.