Aclaimant partners with the Michigan based Mason-McBride Insurance Agency

Aclaimant partners with the Michigan based Mason-McBride Insurance Agency and Financial Services firm to bring real time incident reporting and risk mitigation services to its insureds 

As a strategic partner, Aclaimant is proud to be associated with an agency that is recognized by its ISO 9001:2000 certified designation. Their registered trademark “Risk is our Business” exemplifies the vision and mission of both organizations. 

In an effort to continually improve their portfolio of enterprise risk management services, Michael McBride, J.D., President and CEO and his team are collaborating with the Aclaimant team, to create a new paradigm for why it pays to invest “before, during and after” an incident is reported. 

McBride wants to impress upon his clients the economic impact of incident timing and tracking and the cultural impact of employer transparency and trust. By educating their policyholder McBride wants to teach its clients why it pays to take care, custody and control of the incident reporting process and the integrity of the data. Mcbride wants his organization to set a new standard for “active” risk management. “We want the ability to prove to the underwriter and carrier, that Aclaimant is designed to represent the “class of an operator” in addition to the class code of the business.”

Mason-McBride will be installing the Aclaimant platform for their current clients effective January 4, 2016 and expects Aclaimant to be the focus of their new business marketing campaign. 

The Aclaimant team is privileged to be a strategic partner instead of a product vendor. As part of our partnership, Aclaimant will continue to refine and expand the utility of the offering and work closely with the Mason-McBride team to make a difference for its clients instead of just being different.

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