At Aclaimant, we are excited to explore a partnership with WR Berkley!

Below, you can find interactive videos highlighting how Aclaimant can digitize every phase of workplace safety, incident and claim management, from reporting to documentation to management, triage, and analytics.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the cost of risk at any business, by simplifying, streamlining, and digitizing the incident management process!  No more forms, no more fax machines, no more chasing information!


Aclaimant digitizes all phases of
risk management, including:

Workplace Safety

Instantly create a digital and connected safety experience to capture actionable data from any internet-enabled device.


Incident and Claims Management

Automate incident management processes to mitigate risk in real-time while reducing paperwork from the field to the home office.


Interactive Analytics

Proactively manage and monitor workplace risks and exposures through real-time analytics dashboards.



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