At Aclaimant, we are excited to announce our integration with Company Nurse - a partnership brought to you by the team at BradyRisk Management!

Below, you can find an interactive video highlighting how Aclaimant partnered with Company Nurse can digitize and automate every phase of incident and claim management, from reporting to documentation to management, triage, and analytics.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the cost of risk at any business, by simplifying, streamlining, and digitizing the incident management process!  No more forms, no more fax machines, no more chasing information!

Should you have any questions about the Aclaimant and Company Nurse offering, please don't hesitate to reach out to the David Wald at


Complete your EFROI, OSHA, and Injury Report in 3 Minutes?

Using nurse triage services from Company Nurse, Aclaimant is able to pre-populate every incident and accident report you are required to complete.  From C-2F, NYSIF EFROI, to OSHA once you login to the Aclaimant system we will automatically capture and map information from the conversation your team has with Company Nurse directly onto the forms and fillings you are required to complete.  Quickly review information and then submit to any location by fax, email, print and mail, or API!

Visualize Your Data Utilizing Real Time Analytics

Not only does Aclaimant allow for process improvement, but it also unlocks your data in a beautiful way.  Our system allows for the real time dashboarding and monitoring of anything that happens in your organization, from understanding lag time by facility, or payments and reserves by line, we present your data back to you in an easy to understand format!


Like what you see?

We'd love to spend more time sharing what we're working on and building on a great partnership.

David Wald