Our 60+ years in claims administration experience taught us that nothing happens until a claim is reported and nothing good happens when a claim is reported late.  

That's why we built Aclaimant.

  • Aclaimant is an incident reporting, tracking and management system that improves Timing, Tracking, Transparency and Trust in your claims administration process.  
  • Aclaimant is designed to create an aligned interest partnership between employers, employees and insurance companies. 
  • Aclaimant expedites the workplace injury resolution process so you control the cost your claims.
  • Bstreamlining your injury reporting processes, tracking key information along the way, and centralizing data and follow-up, we get your employee back to work and your company back to business!

Aclaimant Overview Video (1:20)


Nothing happens until a claim is reported and
nothing good happens when a claim is reported late!

Studies from the Hartford and NCCI found that lag time reporting increases claim costs:

  • Loss costs for claims reported one week late were 8% higher, and 37% higher after one month.
  • A claim is 3x more likely to be litigated if reported 1 month late.
  • Penalties can also be levied for delayed injury reporting in some states.
Glen Roberts-Pitruzzello, the High Cost of Delays: Findings on a. Lag-Time Study, Summer 2000 Issues Report, the Hartford Financial. Services Group
Report Lag and Claim Severity, Barry Lipton, FCAS, MAAA, Practice Leader and Senior Actuary, NCCI May 14, 2015 


Why do I need Aclaimant?

We have developed a patent pending system that gives you the tools to report and respond to work related injuries and accidents quicker and more effectively, ultimately reducing the life cycle and escalation level of a claim.  

Aclaimant expedites return to health and return to work timelines.

By alerting and synchronizing key individuals and relevant parties in the claims administration process, Aclaimant reduces the amount of wasted time and effort that extends the lifetime costs of a claim today.


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